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A Creative Spark for Your New Sign

You’ve decided that your organization needs a new sign, but where do you start?

Signage is a long lasting advertisement for your business, and designing it can be fun. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and sign creativity knows virtually no limits. Here are some tips to stir those creative juices while making certain your new sign is easy to read, visible and memorable.

Make note of signs you find attractive. That photo feature on your smart phone is for more than selfies. Snap a picture when you see a sign that you like. It might be a color or letter style that strikes your fancy. Maybe you like the sign placement, lighting or size. Look at both indoor and outdoor signage. Photograph the sign in both daytime and evening. You might even want to photograph a sign you don’t like so you know what to avoid.

Creative St. Louis Signs

Start with looking at the extensive examples of signs on any of our St Louis sign service pages. Consider exploring the world of Pinterest. This site has millions of photos for your inspiration. You can search for ideas based on the type of business, color scheme and more. Pinterest is also a great way to organize what you like. You can create separate Pinterest boards based on signs with fonts you like, colors you find attractive, or different sizes and shapes. The more information you can supply, the easier it will be to hone in on just the right design for you and your business.

Now bring all of your ideas to the St Louis sign company professionals at Dale Sign Service. We will look at your inspirations and turn them into reality. We provide guidance for your design based on location and budget, and we help you navigate the sign ordinances in your community. Dale Sign Service knows you only have a fleeting moment to catch the attention of a potential customer. Your inspiration and our expertise will result in a stunning sign for your company. Get started today by calling Dale Sign Service at (314) 966-2620.

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