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A (Very) Brief Look at St. Louis County Sign Ordinances

St. Louis County Sign OrdinancesSign, sign, everywhere a sign, right? That doesn’t mean you can just put up a sign where you think is best. Municipalities in the greater St. Louis region have specific signage such as size, material, lighting, placement and more. Sign ordinances also change with zoning regulations within a municipality. Before you start a sign project, always check with your city and county governments to know what is allowed and what to avoid. Here is a brief look at some sign ordinances in St. Louis County that apply to all zoning districts.

Same safety rules…

  • Don’t have a sign over three (3) feet in height within the sight distance triangle. This refers to an area where the driver of a vehicle approaching an intersection has an unobstructed view of any approaching vehicles or pedestrians. This particular ordinance helps to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.
  • You won’t be putting a sign over a public right-of-way without approval of the St. Louis Department of Highways and Traffic. Plan on keeping your sign on over your property.
  • All business, identification, and advertising signs shouldn’t impair the visibility of any official highway sign or marker. You’ll have to let that stop sign stay visible to everyone.

Some size rules…

  • No freestanding information, directional, or identification sign may exceed eight (8) feet in height. Think twice before investing in that 30 ft LED sign announcing your new location.
  • All signs over six (6) feet in height shall be subject to the minimum yard requirements in each particular zoning district. In addition to how far a sign has to be away from the road (set back), there are also minimum property sizes required that go up with the size of your requested sign.
  • Attached signs may be affixed to a boundary wall or fence and not project more than four (4) inches beyond the surface of the boundary wall or fence. We want your signs to reach out and grab someone, but you cannot reach more than 4 inches.

You don’t need a permit for…

  • Barber poles six (6) inches in diameter or less and (2) feet in overall height or less
  • Flags of any nation, government, or non-commercial organization
  • Gravestones
  • Official traffic or government signs, including memorial plaques and signs of historical interest.
  • Political campaign and ballot issue signs announcing candidates seeking political office and other pertinent data erected on private property
  • Public notices and legal notices required by law
  • Scoreboards on athletic fields
  • Temporary signs indicating danger

The list of sign ordinances in St. Louis County is long and detailed. You can rely on Dale Sign Service to know what goes where. We will assist you in the sign permitting process and create a professional attention-getting sign tailored to your needs and budget. Start your project today and call Dale Sign Service at (314) 966-2620

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