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Business Hours Signs

Have you ever driven by a business and squinted at the front door looking for hours of operation? It is not only an inconvenience. It is a missed opportunity. A business hours sign can do more than announce opening and closing time.

This type of sign can reinforce your brand and make your business stand out. A customized business hours sign from Dale Sign Service will tell your current and future customers that you are open for business.

St. Louis Business Hours SignsA business hours sign can be any type of decal, sticker, or sign that displays your business hours. Most of the time, these signs are located at or near the entrance to an establishment. This signage can do more than provide information about when you are open. Customize your sign to include your business name, logo, and contact information. Depending on your type of business, you might include information about who to call or where to go after office hours.

When creating your new personalized business hours signage, you first want to decide where it will be located. For example, your front door might make sense unless a pillar or outdoor trashcan obstructs it. Windows and exterior walls are also appropriate places to consider. Placement should be determined by where the traffic is located and where pedestrians and drivers can see it.

Your business hours sign should be easy to read. If you place your sign in a window, make sure that the letters are large and the color is bright. White is the best option most of the time. Darker colors can blend into the background and are not the optimal choice on glass, especially if the glass is tinted. For signage going on a solid wall or opaque service, the font color should contrast with the sign’s background.

Your business hours sign should be easily understood. Listing Sunday through Saturday hours might make sense. However, consider grouping days with the same hours together. For example, your Monday/Wednesday/Friday hours are 9-5, so list them consecutively. Closed Thursday and Saturday? List those together, too. Making the information simple to discern is smart. Your customers will appreciate it.

Store or office hours can be manufactured from any material to complement your décor and represent your brand. The most popular choices for business hours signs include vinyl lettering, window decals, plastic or aluminum signage, and wood or stone. Your business hours signage can be sleek and professional or nostalgic and fun.

Don’t go for the generic hours signs off the shelf of your office supply store. Instead, take every advantage to keep your branding consistent. Your business hours sign from Dale Sign Service will reinforce your brand while providing vital information to your customers. Our sign professionals make beautiful and durable signs quickly and within your budget. Before the next person has to squint to see your hours, call Dale Sign Service today at (314) 966-2620.

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