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Business Placards

Business placards are an integral part of your business signage.

Business PlacardsThese signs or plaques are found in buildings or on vehicles to relay information about content, safety, or direction. For example, a placard can warn customers of a hazard or designate a safe zone in an emergency. A placard can display the year a business was founded or be a part of your organization’s overall display of donor names. More importantly, business placards can strengthen your brand and communicate to your customers and stakeholders that you are invested in their well-being.

We know you take safety seriously. Cautionary signage is an effective method to keep your employees and customers safe. Don’t settle for tedious safety placards that can be found anywhere. Customize your safety placards to meet your specific needs. If you have high traffic in your business, a placard indicating the location of the place to go in the event of a weather emergency is necessary. Add your business logo to it and utilize consistent colors and fonts to keep your brand consistent. Order a custom placard displaying the location of your fire extinguishers. Use a placard to warn visitors of a trip hazard or electrical lines. Your staff and clientele will appreciate your dedication to their safety.

Business placards are more than just helpful in conveying safety information. Placards are also an economical and effective way to honor your business and its supporters. Consider a placard at your entrance displaying the date or year your company was founded. Placards with motivational quotes for your employees can hang in the breakroom or conference room. Placards can be part of an employee appreciation campaign with displays of your employee of the month or highest earner. For non-profit or faith-based organizations, placards can thank donors, feature donor names at certain financial levels, or note your organization’s successes thanks to their contributions.

Business placards are an underappreciated component of available business signage. As displayed through signs, your brand builds a comprehensive marketing system that can help your business shine. The sign experts at Dale Sign Service can show you all of your business signage options. From placards to pole signs and lobby signs to monument displays, Dale Sign Service can help every organization stand out in a crowded sign landscape.

The impact of signage continues beyond your large outdoor pylon sign. Your business will succeed with consistent branding with entry signs, directional signs, and even quality business placards. Dale Sign Service is with you from the start of design to the maintenance of your expertly installed sign. Call us at (314) 966-2620 or stop by our office at 13652 Manchester Road to talk about your sign project today.

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