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Café and Restaurant Signs

Café and Restaurant SignsYour restaurant signage is the most visible way to communicate with current and potential customers. Signage is a part of your brand and provides vital information about what you offer your guests.

Once your customers have come through your doors, effective signage can highlight specials, provide directions, and improve sales. St. Louis café and restaurant signs are a cost-effective way to advertise, and the right signage from Dale Sign Service can do even more. Consider these types of signs that every eating establishment can use.

Banners. Dale Sign Service offers gorgeous vinyl banners customizable for any part of your business. Our banners come with stunning colors and high-resolution graphics that will make your banner turn heads. They’re highly visible from a distance. Consider using a banner for grand openings and promotions. Banners are durable and cost-effective.

Portable sidewalk and A-frame signs. These signs from Dale Sign Service offer a flexible way to advertise your business, and you can move them anywhere. A-frame signs can be used on your café patio to list menu items or direct traffic. A-frame signs are durable and stand up to harsh weather conditions Missouri is famous for.

Consider our customizable A-frame signs designed to complement the signage you already have.

Window decals. Our tailor-made decals are a great way to promote your business. Your windows are a blank canvas to showcase your brand. You don’t want your restaurant to blend into the sidewalk. Instead, use window decals to display your logo. Brand reinforcement is the best way to get passers-by to remember the name of your restaurant and where it’s located. Think about using window decals to show off your delicious food. Get those mouths watering before your customers order.

Pylon and pole signs. Exposure is essential to get your booths filled, and pole signs can make your presence known. Pole signs are meant to draw attention. Pylon and pole signs from Dale Sign Service are highly visible and can be made with endless font and color combinations. Pole signs can use digital technology, be one-sided or double-sided and use lighting for 24/7 exposure.

Menu boards. A personalized menu board for your coffee shop, café, or restaurant can subtly communicate more than your food selections. A well-branded menu board from Dale Sign Service connects you with your customers. Readable text helps your guests feel confident about their choices and makes them interested in trying more. Consider adding lighting or illustrations to blend in with your interior.

Café and restaurant signs are an important and useful investment in your success. All our unique sign types can promote seasonal menus, create a welcoming atmosphere, and make your business stand out in a crowded restaurant landscape. Don’t underestimate the value of quality café and restaurant signage from Dale Sign Service. Your sign is seen day and night. The first impression you make with your sign is paramount. Whether you have a family-friendly pizza pub, breakfast-only bistro, or upscale surf and turf restaurant, use Dale Sign Service to reach your hungry customers. We expertly design, manufacture, install and maintain St. Louis café and restaurant signs. We deliver the highest quality product within your budget. Check out Dale Sign Service for your café and restaurant signage solution. Call us today at (314) 966-2620.

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