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COVID-19 Signs

Many businesses are bringing their employees back to work and opening their doors to customers. In the process, many places are finding themselves in need of COVID related signage. These signs are used in offices, retail stores & gyms to remind workers and patrons of CDC recommended guidelines and to ensure employee safety. Dale Signs is offering a wide-array of temporary COVID-related signs to help you and your business. 

Tape to Designate Six Feet Minimum Distance and Directional Walking Paths

COVID-19 related signage for your businessIf you run a gym or retail store you know how hard it is to keep patrons and customers six feet apart. Using tape that designates how far apart each person needs to be, will help encourage safe social distancing practices set forth by the CDC. Tape and additional directional signage is also a great way to set walking paths in a store or gym. This will ensure traffic inside flows a certain way to help customers keep a safe distance and avoid colliding with each other.

Mask Requirement Signs

Arguably the most used signage right now is that of the mask requirement. In almost every public store and business across America, masks are now required for entry. Having a  sign at the front of your business or office building is a convenient reminder to anyone entering that they must be wearing a mask. Having a mask requirement sign professionally made will offer a cleaner look to your store front.

Elevator Stickers

Some office buildings are bringing employees back to work, which means buildings with multiple floors are having to navigate how to coordinate people in common areas, especially elevators. Elevator signs can show people where to stand while inside the elevator and they can alert people as to how many people are allowed inside at once.

Hand Washing Reminders

One way to slow the spread of coronavirus is to continuously wash your hands throughout the day. Displaying hand washing and hand sanitizing signs throughout your business is a great way to encourage workers to continuously practice healthy habits.

From large corporate office buildings to small family-owned stores, COVID-19 related signage is a must during these times. Keep yourself, your customers and your employees safe this year by inquiring about our signs today!


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