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Deciding Between a Full Wrap, Partial Wrap or Decal

Are you looking for a cost effective way to promote your business? You may already be driving it!

St Louis Wraps for Cars and TrucksVehicle graphics offer a great opportunity to show the world what you do. Advertise on your car or truck with your business logo, contact information and more. Whether it is a classic font for your name and phone number or bumper-to-bumper color imagery, the options available are only limited by your imagination. St Louis car wraps come in several formats. Full wraps, partial wraps and auto decals offer different impressions and results, and choosing which is right for your company is important.

Full Wraps for Cars and Trucks

A full wrap is just that- complete coverage of your vehicle in custom vinyl graphics. Typically, a full wrap covers all sides of your vehicle and may include the roof, bumpers or windows. Full wraps offer maximum visual impact for your business. They are also the most expensive of the three options discussed here. Investing in full vehicle wraps makes perfect sense if this to be your prime choice for promotion. Fleet vehicles often sport the same full wrap on each car, van or truck and become easily recognizable to motorists in your city. One advantage to full wraps you might not think about is its protective nature. Vinyl goes right over the factory paint job, so your vehicle will stay newer looking longer. Full wraps recoup their initial investment with retained vehicle value and advertising that never stops, even when you park your car.

Partial Wraps for Cars and Trucks

A partial wrap can cover 25% to 75% of your vehicle. They are less expensive than full wraps, and they can be conveniently removed. This makes partial wraps an excellent choice for leased vehicles, as they can be put back into their original condition with ease. Partial wraps are a terrific idea for vehicles used for short-term promotions or events that require transportation. Consider partial wraps over a traditional custom paint job because they can be changed out and updated without impact on the vehicle.


Decals are the most economical choice in vehicle graphics. They are most appropriately used as a secondary advertising medium and as identification of your company. Vinyl letters, numbers and logos can be applied to your vehicle in less time than full or partial wraps. Decals applied to the most visible areas of your vehicle will show passers-by what your organization does and how to reach you for more information. When placed on side or rear windows, text is positioned at eye level and highly noticeable.

When deciding whether full wraps, partial wraps, or decals are right for your vehicle, you will want to consider the size of your vehicle and your budget. If you drive a small car, consider going with a full wrap to maximize advertising space and dollars. If your vehicle has large flat surfaces, a partial wrap is a good option. Your decision may also be based on the color of your business logo with the color of your vehicle. Dale Sign Service is the place to start for St Louis vehicle wraps and graphics. We offer the impeccable service from design to installation. Call us today at 314-966-2620, and let our work speak for your business!

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