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Determining the Cost of Custom Signs

Custom signs for your business are an investment in your success. Your name, logo and identity are reflected in the quality and design of your signs. When it is time to order custom signage, one of first things you want to know is the cost. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all price available because each sign is as unique as your business.

Determining the Cost of Custom SignsSeveral factors determine the price of your sign:


If you are in need of a temporary sign such as a Now Open banner, materials will be less expensive than a freestanding permanent outdoor sign mounted on a pole in the parking lot. Plan to budget for both. Definitely include short-term signs, such as banners and sidewalk signs, in your budget, as they are perfect for special promotions and providing directions. Investing in your permanent signage is essential to solidifying your brand and becoming a recognized part of your community.


Sizes vary greatly between lobby direction signs and large monument signs. Your vinyl decal to advertise your business on a car will cost less than a 5’x20’ storefront sign letting your neighborhood you are open for business. Keep in mind that square footage costs are less for large signs to keep things competitive.


Lawn or yard signs are definitely do it yourself. Business owners can also handle a-frame signs, magnetic signs and banners. You will incur costs with installation of car or truck vinyl wraps and sings that require professional installation including permanent mounted signs. Plan to pay for electrical work if you order a sign with lighting.


The simpler the design, the less you will pay. Typical fonts used in wording and phone numbers will be less expensive than customized logos and fancy designer effects. Neon signs are also an additional expense.


When dealing with permanent signage, you must make sure to follow the laws and regulations set by your municipality. This may include charges for permit application and review.

At Dale Sign Service, we strive to provide our customers extremely competitive pricing for our quality custom signage. We will provide you with specific costs so there are no surprises, and we will work with your budget to get you the most for your money. We take pride in the manufacturing and installation of some of St. Louis’ most recognizable signs. Start your project today at (314) 966-2620

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