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Fixing Old Business Signs

There is no shortage of sign fail memes- like this one that appropriately tells you where to go when you are injured.

Though they are amusing, you don’t want to end up an example of a sign that didn’t quite do its job. Signage is an investment in your business, and keeping your signs clean, clear and in good repair reflects well on your company.

The importance of sign maintenance for St. Louis signage
A well-maintained sign speaks volumes about the business or organization that it represents!

Why does your sign need maintenance? Many factors can affect the look and operation of your sign:

  • Weather: Outdoor signs are exposed to all kinds of weather. High winds can loosen or break a sign. Colors fade in constant sun, and even hail and freezing temperatures can affect the look of your sign.
  • Age: If you’ve enjoyed your sign for decades, it might just be time for a facelift. Proper sign maintenance will keep it looking great.
  • Dirt: Signs, both interior and exterior, will get dirty. Professional maintenance from Dale Sign Service will keep it shining brightly and sparkling like its new.

What does sign maintenance include? Dale Sign Service has a fully trained staff and the right equipment to perform sign maintenance including changing burned out lights, repairing electrical issues, performing safety checks, doing touch ups, servicing channel letters, neon sign maintenance and repair and much more.

Poorly maintained signs reflect badly on your business. Not only do problems such as burned-out light bulbs make your signage look unattractive and unprofessional, they also make your business more difficult to find at night.

Perhaps you own a self-storage facility. Don’t become an “Elf” storage facility just because you’ve put off sign maintenance.

Most newer signs are durable and are very low maintenance. Older signage will likely require more upkeep to look its best. You can trust the experts at Dale Sign Service to design the right maintenance plan for all of your signage needs.

Don’t fall asleep when it comes to sign maintenance. Call Dale Sign Service right now at (314) 966-2620 for sign maintenance or brand new quality custom signage.

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