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Before Jason and Laura McElroy opened their Southern Illinois bed and breakfast, they diligently planned every part of their brand imaging and marketing plan. The logo was quaint. The messaging was perfect. Jason and Laura knew that a vital part of their success would come from just the right signage. Let’s take a look at hospitality signage and how it helps businesses like the McElroy’s bed and breakfast come alive.


St. Louis Hospitality SignsA hospitality business can flourish or flop as a result of signage. From that sandblasted sign that catches the attention of cars driving by to custom door plaques featuring the name of the bedroom suite, signage has both practical and aesthetic applications for hotels, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and all types of hospitality organizations. Whether you need room numbers or informational graphics, hospitality signs from Dale Sign Service will help create a memorable experience for guests. 


Gorgeous quality signage helps your lodging business…


…enhance brand identity. Signage enhances a hotel’s brand identity. Creating a distinct feel-at-home vibe is key to a memorable stay for a guest. Through signage, hospitality providers can tell stories about their brand, which helps create a feeling of goodwill among guests. Consistent messaging through memorable signage maintains the desired tone can help guests connect with your brand on a deeper level.


…provide smooth wayfinding for your guests. First-time guests will become repeat guests when you place branded signs in thoughtful places such as the lobby, elevators, hallways, and more. Let your patrons know where the ice machines are and help them locate the nearest emergency exit. This creates a sense of ease for guests and saves them time that can be spent enjoying your amenities. Proper wayfinding signage also minimizes guest confusion, leading to a smooth check-in and checkout process.


…provide information. Hospitality signs can display room numbers, event details, menus, and facility hours. Let your guests know that breakfast is served at 7 a.m. Notify your customers that late checkout is available. Making information clear and readily available to your guests helps them make the most of the facilities and increases the chances of positive guest reviews.


Hospitality signage from Dale Sign Service has everything to do with an elevated guest experience. Opt for custom designs to reflect your place’s unique character. Enhance your lodging business with creatively designed signage to distinguish it from the competition. With custom designs, hotels can create a unique ambiance that complements the décor and service. Hospitality signs provide visibility and improve guest experience, allowing for smooth navigation and user satisfaction. Prioritize hospitality signage to gain a competitive edge that sets you apart. Dale Sign Service can help.


Your hospitality sign company is Dale Sign Service. We can make your inn stand out in a crowded lodging landscape. Your sign is seen day and night. The first impression you make with your sign is paramount, so use the professionals at Dale Sign Service to reach weary travelers. We expertly design, manufacture, install, and maintain hospitality signs. We deliver the highest quality product within your budget. Check out Dale Sign Service today at (314) 966-2620.

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