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Illuminated Signs

Showing off your business is important at all hours of the day. Lighted signs take over from dusk to dawn to bring attention to existing and potential customers.  

Your business won’t be ignored with a well-lit sign. There are many different types of illuminated signs, and one is bound to be perfect for your advertising needs. Here is a look at the some common types of illuminated signs.


Cabinet / Lightbox Sign

A lightbox sign uses a simple design with interior lighting that constantly illuminates an organization’s logo or name. These affordable signs offer inside illumination through a customized translucent panel with your company name and other information you would like included. Cabinet or lightbox signs are usually back lit, meaning the graphics are lit from behind to ensure maximum visual impact. These signs can be manufactured from many materials including aluminum and acrylic. It can also be made in many shapes and is extremely weather resistant, making it perfect for the business looking for a big impact that is easier on the budget. The lightbox sign is widely used in outdoor signage for retail establishments, schools and churches.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are an elegant and smart way to advertise your business name. Each three-dimensional piece is a letter, number or character that combine to make a beautiful sign. You can use virtually any font, color or size to make your business stand out. Channel letter signs are one of the most popular signs available today. Dale Sign Service creates channel letters with aluminum sides and backs and high-grade acrylic faces so your sign will last. Illumination can be created with internal lighting or lighting from the back of the sign to create a “halo” feature when lit. Choice of lighting source is important, so Dale Sign Service uses GOQ LED lights, which are considered the brightest and the best in the industry. Channel letters are usually mounted directly on the building, making them an excellent choice for hotels and restaurants.

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is also referred to as a pole sign. This is a freestanding sign supported by one or more poles and may be single- or double-sided. A pylon sign generally a cabinet or lightbox sign used outdoors to attract customers. Pole signs are usually set higher than surrounding structures and are a great option to call attention to your business from passing motorists.

Monument Signs

You will find monument signs at the gateway to facilities such as churches, universities or medical centers. They are generally low profile, ground level and are designed to stand out. Monument signs can be freestanding or can be mounted on or between surfaces including wood, concrete, brick or stone. Additional landscaping can make the sign seamless with the surrounding environment for a professional and welcoming appearance. Monument signs can also be lit in several different ways externally or internally.

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