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Information about Informational Signs

Restroom informational signYou already know Dale Sign Service can customize beautiful quality signs that fit your needs. Did you know that we are also experts at informational signs, too? An informational sign is just what it sounds like. It informs people about the purpose of an area or object, directions on where to go, instructions on the use of something, and warnings about potential hazards or important rules that need to be followed. Here are some types of informational signs:

Identification signs tell a person they are in the right place. These signs come in handy to identify common areas and can be customized with your business logo and font to maintain brand consistency. Examples may include a department marker (Human Resources or Accounting), door plaque (General Manager) and even landmark signage such as a historical marker.

Wayfinding signs will get people where they need to go. These include junction signage like right to the exit or left to the breakroom, as well as parking signs to direct the flow of traffic. Remember that skillfully placed signs will also allow you to direct your customers where they can find items or services that might not be on their list. Good directional signage will let your employees do their jobs without being stopped and asked which way to go.

Data signs will give specific information your company. These may include hours of operation, street address, or floor directory. Consider a sign for each frequently asked questions such as your Wi-Fi password. A data sign can also list donors to your non-profit or plaque indicating all Employee of the Month winners.

Regulatory signs are an important part of protecting the safety of your employees and customers, as well as liability for your organization. These signs provide a clear message such as “Caution Wet Floor” or “No Pets Allowed.” Use regulatory signs to indicate handicap parking spaces and staff only entrances and exits.

Informational signs don’t have to be boring. They can provide a visual feast for new customers, boost first impressions and improve vehicle and shopper traffic flow. Quality information signs are a cost-effective and enduring way to promote your organization. Your employees and clients will appreciate that you took the time to give them necessary information. Dale Sign Service is here to create unique informational signs so your company can lead, guide, direct and advise customers of important facts.

The professionals at Dale Sign Service are licensed, experienced, and eager to show you how signs can make a big difference for your organization. From lobby signs to large outdoor displays, choosing local at Dale Sign Service just makes sense. Start your project today by calling (314) 966-2620.

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