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Lobby Signs: A Missed Opportunity?

A captive audience is a dream when it comes to advertising your business. As much as our society is on the go, we also spend a good amount of time waiting in lobbies. In banks, doctor’s offices, and in offices of other service providers, we sit and wait for our turn.

Well worn magazines and iPhone games fill some of that time, but many of us also sit and take in the surroundings. That is your opportunity to grab the attention of your customers or clients with professional quality lobby signage. Dale Sign Service offers these important reasons why investing in lobby signage is good for your business.

St. Louis Lobby signs give you the opportunity to:

Provide a warm and comfortable welcome. First impressions count, and pleasant easy to read signs go a along way to welcoming your customer base. Your guests will see that you’ve taken the time to assure they are in the right place and provide the information they need.

Enhance and promote your brand. Lobby signs can display your company name and logo to let your visitors know who you are. A lobby sign can include your company slogan or motto so your customers also know what you stand for. This is a unique opportunity to reinforce your brand in a subtle yet effective way.

Help get people where they need to go. Lobby signs can also include wayfinding guidance. Forgo the generic arrow that points to the cashier and opt for a customized sign with your logo and catchy phrase to get your customers on their way. Wayfinding signs that integrate your brand’s colors and font keep your marketing consistent and guide your customers around your facility.

Display your awards, accolades and certifications. Let your customers know you are at the top of your game. Use a lobby sign to convey your 5.0 online customer rating or your top industry certification. You won’t just impress your customers, you will entice them to ask questions about your status as a top business and keep them coming back.

Custom St. Louis lobby signs from Dale Sign Service are a smart investment in your business growth. You will create a lasting first impression that provides the necessary foundation for lasting customer relationships. Dale Sign Service is the place to guide you through creating memorable signage to get people in the door and keep them coming in time after time. We create, install and repair all types of signage right here in St. Louis. Get to know Dale Sign Service and let us get to know you. Call Dale Sign Service, the sign experts at (314) 966-2620.

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