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Make an Impression with Lobby Signs

When it comes to your business, a first impression is often a lasting impression.

A current or potential customer forms an initial oSt. Louis lobby sign examplepinion of their experience based on both service and surroundings. Your lobby or waiting room is the place where signage can solidify your company branding. Take advantage of this opportunity with professional and attractive signs.

Signs in your reception area are important for identification. Your customers want to know they’ve made it to the right place, and they want to feel welcome. A sign can validate both before you even get to meet in person. This initial contact can make the first impression both positive and memorable. Your lobby is likely the most visible and trafficked area of your business. It is worth the investment in updated signage.

Reinforce your branding with consistent use of fonts and colors. Has it been a long time since your lobby signs were updated? Here’s a chance to change those signs to include your organization’s logo and use the same font and color scheme. Your company will reflect an up-to-date appearance, and your customers will know you are committed to providing the latest and greatest products and services.

Just as vital as your employees to your company’s success, your signage is also an ambassador in communicating the right message. Your commitment to providing a quality product or service to your clients is demonstrated in stylish modern signage. Signage can also be a significant part of your overall lobby design with artwork and wall colors that work in harmony.

Dale Sign Service is eager to help your organization set the tone for your waiting room and reception area. We can update your traditional signage and add raised wall or 3D designs to create the impact you desire. Call our sign professionals today at 314-966-2620.

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