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Neighborhood Subdivision Entrance Signs

Neighborhood signs are a great way to navigate through the county suburbs and give each subdivision a unique look.

These signs are also a great way to advertise for your neighborhood and shouldn’t be overlooked during the development process. In addition to improving the aesthetic of the neighborhood, they can also help increase the property value and help avoid collisions within the neighborhood. These monument signs are made of many different materials that can be customized for your needs. Our team has quick turnaround and is here to help your neighborhood standout!

Signage for suburban neighborhoods

Materials Used

Our monument signs use a plethora of materials. Our most widely used material is aluminum. However, depending on the look of your sign, the elements that are used to create it can differ.

  1. Brick and Stone – These two materials are used to decorate the front of the entrance sign
  2. Stucco – Stucco is used on multiple signs to coverup less appealing materials such as metal and concrete
  3. Concrete – Monument signs are concreted into the ground and are installed in a concrete footing
  4. Aluminum – Aluminum is our most used material that our team uses for a multitude of things:
    1. Lettering – The lettering of suburban signs are all made out of raised fabricated aluminum. Aluminum is great for outdoor use.
    2. Grounding – Aside from steel, aluminum is also concreted in the ground to keep the signs standing. Custom aluminum back-braces are also used for support
  5. Lighting Options – If you need your sign illuminated we have a few different options for you:
    1. Halo-lit
    2. Front-lit
    3. Back-lit


Our turnaround for projects is anywhere between five to six weeks. This can be dependent on size of the sign and the design process. Part of the process is installation. To install monument signs we:

  1. Lay a concrete footing
  2. Place the sign in the concrete footing and use custom aluminum steel back braces and supports

At Dale Sign Service, you can choose your own styles for the neighborhood sign that matches your area’s asthetic. A great, unique sign can attract can reflect the polish of landscaping around it while also defining the boundaries of a neighborhood.

We’re here to help you through the process from start to finish, so call our St Louis sign company today!

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