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Neon Signs – Repair? Replace?

Repairing or replacing neon signsThat neon sign your business once found cool and vintage may now shout “stay away,” especially if it’s in bad shape. 

Neon signs can falter for many reasons, and a simple repair could get you glowing again. If your neon sign needs a bit more attention, it may be time to consider a retrofit to your neon-lit channel letters and neon pole sign cabinets with LEDs.

There are many reasons your neon sign could malfunction. If the sign is truly vintage, components of it may have reached the end of their lifespan. If the sign is flickering or the light is out completely, the issue might be power related. Neon lights need a constant power supply. Any interruption can cause them to work improperly. If you have connected neon signs, when one goes out, they all go out. Beyond electrical issues, a crack in the glass casing can allow the neon gas to leak or become contaminated. Either will stop the neon sign from working properly.

Do not attempt to diagnose or repair a neon sign on your own. Call a professional to determine what is needed. In the greater St. Louis area, the experts at Dale Sign Service offer assistance and repair services when components of your neon sign start to fail. We may recommend converting your neon sign to LED, a wise investment in your brand.

When old-school technology becomes high maintenance, it is the perfect time to choose LED retrofitting to your neon sign. This technology offers greater efficiency- as much as 70% more- over neon. Even with its reduced power consumption, LED is brighter than neon and can stand up to extreme temperatures when neon lights fail. LED modules are durable, require less maintenance and provide better performance than their neon counterparts. It must just be time to convert your older neon sign to an LED sign. The look can be similar or brand new but most importantly, the maintenance and lifespan will be longer.

For any sign repair or replacement needs, contact Dale Sign Service at (314) 966-2620. Your business will get all the right attention with signs from Dale Sign Service. Call today!

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