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Notable Signs Around St. Louis

Signs have been around since pre-historic times. The earliest signs were made out of stone and engraved using carving tools. Since then, the composition of signs has involved to be what we know them as today.

Around the 18th century, signage changed as we saw the invention of the printing press and electricity. This allowed business owners and artists to be more creative. The World War II era gave way to mass production and signage started to become more abundant. This time period gave way to the introduction of plastics and the invention of the changeable sign. Today, the most widely used sign material is aluminum. Aluminum is a great, long-lasting material for trendy business signs.

It’s no surprise that St. Louis has some of the most recognizable historic signs in the country. With its rich history, the city lends itself to being a staple for big, bright signage. From as early as the 19th century, to present day, these signs tell the story of how signage composition has evolved.

  1. International Fur Exchange – Erected in 1919, the International Fur Exchange building was the site of the country’s biggest fur auctions. Landing a spot of A look at historical signs around St. Louis the National Register of Historic Places in 1998, this building is one of St. Louis’s most recognizable buildings by its huge lettering that can be seen from S 4th Street in Downtown. The building’s unlit block lettering on the side of the building shows just how old and historic the building really is. Though the building itself was renovated in the 60s, the signage has remained the same.
  2. Anheuser-Busch sign – Anheuser-Busch is a company whose signage and symbols are recognizable throughout the world. Based here in St. Louis, you are most likely going to catch a glimpse of one of their historic signs around town. Erected in 1962, of what is probably their most recognizable sign in the city, the iconic eagle AB sign can be seen illuminating from Interstate 64.
  3. Busch Stadium – It’s no secret that St. Louis is a major sports town. Once of the most recognizable stadiums in the country is Busch Stadium. Located in Downtown St. Louis, the Busch Stadium LED sign, erected in 2005 outside the very front of the stadium, can be seen from a far distance.

Neon vs. LED Signs

Around town, you will see beautiful illuminated signage. Neon lighting actually pre-dates the invention of LED lighting, and was invented in 1919. LED lightbulbs weren’t invented until decades later in 1962. Many of St. Louis’s most popular signage are made from either Neon or LED lights. Restaurants and bars, like the popular Broadway Oyster Bar, is known for its bright neon lighting. The big LED lettering of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery can be seen as you enter for a tour or the biergarten. Though neon lighting is seen as the more retro or vintage signage type, what looks like neon signage can be recreated with LED for better longevity and lower long-term maintenance costs.

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