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Point of Sale and Point of Purchase Signs

Point of sale (POS) and point of purchase (POP) signs are used to grab the attention of you customer while they are in your establishment. They provide vital information and entice your customers to make a purchase they may not have already considered.

POS signage for St. Louis includes storefront signs, endcap displays, special promotional signs and more. POP signs are strategically placed around the cash register line or self-check stations to satisfy those last-minute impulses we might get. Even the best placed product won’t fly of the shelves without an eye catching sign to draw your attention. Here are three ways that POS and POP signs can help your bottom line.

  • POS/POP signs provide information. Bright and easily readable signs tell your customers just what you are offering. It might provide a price, description and even an explanation of how the product benefits the consumer. An informed customer keeps coming back to a business they trust, so start by giving the right information.
  • POS/POP signs promote your product or service. Post a sign that touts why the brand or product is special. Highlight the tremendous value or savings. Use interesting signage to promote products that go together. For example, an endcap with colorful signs touting new flavors of ice cream syrup will go great at the end of the freezer aisle. Don’t forget signs that point out BOGO running socks while your store is liquidating its sneakers and running gear. Don’t underestimate the visual impact of signage on sales.
  • POS/POP signs steer your customers beyond the point of sale. Suppose your customer is stocking up for an upcoming movie night. They might notice your signs with buttered popcorn on sale at the end of the paper goods aisle. Once they’ve picked up their favorite popcorn flavor, the continue down the paper aisle to grab the napkins they know will be needed to clean up sticky fingers. POS/POP signs help increase sales all around.
  • St Louis point of sale and point of purchase signage from Dale Sign Service can increase your revenue, promote and highlight new products, and attract impulse purchases. Most importantly, POS/POP signs from Dale Sign Service can help you reach your marketing goals at an affordable price.

Your only stop for point of sale signage is Dale Sign Service. We offer custom and quality signage to get your product noticed and sold. Great signage from Dale Sign Service will increase your presence and your bottom line. Whether you are looking at easily changeable window decals or free standing display units, Dale Sign Service has you covered with affordable sign solutions. Call us right now at 314-966-2620 to discuss your exciting and customizable point of sale sign options.

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