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Portable Sidewalk Signs

It’s 2021, and the COVID pandemic still affects business operations in the St. Louis area.

Whether you need to keep up with closing restrictions, reduced capacity, or social distancing, portable and temporary signage is the answer to notify your customers that you are ready for business, even if it is not business as usual.

Portable sidewalk signs are the solution to advise your customers of changes. They are easily visible to those passing by, and can be moved to accommodate alternating traffic patterns. Use portable temporary signs to identify curbside pickup areas and remind customers that mask wearing is still appreciated. These signs can provide directions to an event or simply let customers know you are open and ready to serve.

PSt Louis Portable Sidewalk Signsortable signs attract new business. Customers can’t buy something they don’t know exists. There are several types of temporary sidewalk signs available. Use an a-frame sign with changeable letter boards to let customers know you have something special on sale. Maybe a chalkboard sign will help you highlight an event or menu change.

Portable sidewalk signs are flexible, functional and an economical choice for organizations wishing to make a good impression. When the idea is to increase sales and profitability, be sure to include sidewalk signs as part of your overall advertising campaign. Sidewalk signs are double-sided, durable and hold up under harsh weather conditions. Temporary signs don’t leave permanent holes because screws and nails are not needed. Lightweight portable sidewalk signs don’t require special set up or manpower and can be ordered in bulk for use at multiple locations.

Whether you are reminding your customers to stay six feet apart or letting them know that pick up is just around the corner, portable sidewalk signage is a quick and easy display option that doesn’t break the bank. Call Dale Sign Service to design and make your portable sidewalk signs. Our creative professionals know just how to get your business noticed.

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