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Refreshing Your Signage

Refreshing Your Outdoor Signs
Refreshing Your Outdoor Signs

Waking Up Your Business

If your business has grown stale, it may be time for a change. Especially in these challenging times, drawing attention to your business is imperative. Re-energizing your business can run the gamut from a full rebranding to a few ideas to refresh your business image. Small businesses in particular should take the time to consider which direction is best when change is necessary.

Rebranding your business entails a complete overhaul of your image and marketing process. You might want to consider rebranding when you want to reach a new market, or when the market is quickly changing. The process can help businesses recover from an unfavorable reputation or help stand out in a crowded field of competition. Rebranding your business takes a commitment of time and financial resources, but it can be a viable option if circumstances dictate the need to restart.

When total rebranding isn’t necessary, you can rekindle the spark of your business with simple and economical changes. Signage is often an underutilized player in the marketing playbook. It is a cost efficient and effective tool to establish your business and provide a competitive edge. Potential customers pass by your business every day, and your sign is part of the landscape that seldom changes. Consider revitalizing your business with a new sign. People will notice. It will be your second chance to make a first impression.

Don’t forget- your signs are a 24/7 advertising opportunity. A sign with new or brighter colors will highlight your business. Maybe it is time to consider adding your logo to a sign. This will help you stand out from your competitors and let your customers know you are unique. The quality of your signs reflects the quality of your business. Investing in an update of your indoor and outdoor signage is a smart move to wake up your customer base.

The sign experts at Dale Sign Service will proudly assist you in waking up your business with new and impressive signs. Call our St. Louis showroom for design ideas and pricing!

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