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Your brand is the face of your organization. A successful brand represents the heart of your company. It synchronizes your business principles with the products and services offered. It makes your business recognizable and builds trust among current and potential customers.

Brand consistency across your marketing channels helps you stand out from the competition. To make certain your efforts reflect in your bottom line, custom signs for business are a powerful and cost-effective way to get attention and increase business.

Signs for BusinessInvestment in signs for business is not just a good idea. Signage gets your business noticed and gets customers in the door. University of Cincinnati research surveyed consumers and business owners to more accurately assess the impact of signs for business. They found that over 75% of consumers surveyed chose to enter a store or business location based solely on the sign. About 65% of these consumers purchased a product or service because a point-of-sale sign was interesting and attractive. Business owners also reported that tweaking a design on a sign made a positive impact on sales. Additional research puts that impact into perspective.

The University of San Diego recently published an extensive analysis of the financial impact of signage on business. They report that one additional sign on the side of a structure that did not already have a sign increased sales by almost 5%. This impact was more significant than a concurrent social media campaign. The addition of a sign also increased the number of new visitors to the store and the total number of transactions. Investment into a new pole sign or freestanding multi-tenant sign added 5 to 15% to sales revenues. This was especially helpful for lower-performing stores in a chain of retail outlets.

These statistics reflect the tangible benefits of signs for business. Signs for companies must also be thoughtfully designed and manufactured to the highest standards. The same research also found that over half of consumers surveyed failed to find a business and went elsewhere when signs for companies were difficult to be noticed or nonexistent. Don’t let signs for business be the weak link in your marketing plan. Consider updating your current signs or adding new signs from the experts at Dale Sign Service.

Begin with bright and noticeable outdoor signs. Some metropolitan landscapes are full of signs, so creating signs for companies that will stand out is vital. Dale Sign Service can design, manufacture and install pole and pylon signs to spur business growth. Pole signs make your presence known. A quality pole sign placed close to motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic is a great way to get your brand noticed. The more people who see your pole sign, the more exposure your business gets.

Another consideration in signs for business is brand consistency in your interior signage. This includes signage in your entry, lobby, reception area, and other highly visible locations. Remember that business signs are your most immediate and visible form of communication with your current and future customers. Interior signs are seen close up. Dale Sign Service has provided interior signs for companies for decades, which are always expertly crafted and installed.

Keeping your signage consistent in logo, color, and font reinforces your brand identity. This goes beyond the exterior and lobby. Directional signs also present an opportunity to maintain your brand across all channels. Display your brand in each sign directing visitors to the restrooms or the elevator. Include your brand on parking and outdoor directional signs, too.

Signs for business are essential in your overall marketing strategy. Signs are cost-effective with proven benefits. Signs communicate your brand 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Signs for companies transmit vital information about the products and services you offer. Signs navigate customers to their destination. Signs establish, promote and strengthen the brand you’ve worked hard to build.

Dale Sign Service is your source of signs for business. Our over 40 years of experience offer you design expertise, knowledge of sign regulation, manufacturing and installation quality, and sign maintenance to keep them fresh and inviting. From conception to reality, Dale Sign Service makes signs for your company that you will be proud to see daily. Contact Dale Sign Service at 314-966-2620 today.

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