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St. Louis Aluminum Signs

St. Louis Aluminum Signs
St. Louis Aluminum Signs

What You Probably Don’t Know About Aluminum

When you think of aluminum, recycling soda cans or wrapping up leftovers usually come to mind. Aluminum is actually one of the most widely used metals in the world. Everything from ladders to space rockets can be made from aluminum. Nearly 75% of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today because of its recycling capabilities. This magic metal was considered more precious than gold and silver when aluminum refining started over 150 years ago.

The process of refining aluminum for manufacturing was perfected by several European chemists during the mid 19th century, and American businessman Charles Hall opened the first aluminum smelter in the United States in 1888. Hall is credited for advancing the boom of manufacturing in America with this inexpensive and hardy product.

Aluminum is versatile and strong, making it a smart choice for signs. It is pliable, weatherproof and durable- qualities that are especially important in the extreme weather conditions of St. Louis. Choosing aluminum for your sign just makes sense.

  • Your aluminum sign will last. Aluminum is one of the strongest materials available in sign manufacturing. This makes it ideal for outdoor use. It is rustproof and waterproof. Aluminum won’t warp or bow. Given its strength, it is also lightweight and can be installed almost anywhere. Aluminum is also a great choice for indoor use.
  • Your aluminum sign will be affordable. This material is an inexpensive option, but it won’t look inexpensive. Compared to wood or plastic, the endurance of an aluminum sign makes it a superb value. Yes, aluminum is strong, but it won’t break the bank.
  • Your aluminum sign will be beautiful. Aluminum signs are fully customizable and available in many finishes. Standard and reflective finishes are great for outdoor signs, while the matte professional look of brushed aluminum is perfect for indoor signage. The combination of sizes, colors and ways to personalize your new aluminum sign are endless.

So if you have your sign planned to the last detail or need some guidance from a sign expert, Dale Sign Service makes the process of bringing your ideas to life simple and seamless.

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