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St. Louis Cabinet and Box Signs

St. Louis Cabinet & Box SignsSavvy business owners know that signage significantly enhances marketing efforts. Dale SIGN Service is the go-to resource for custom St. Louis cabinet and box signs.

Of the many types of signs available, cabinet signs are a popular option. Cabinet signs can illuminate your location and brand day and night. Also referred to as box signs, cabinet signs are both practical and visually appealing. Dale Sign Service knows these traditional signs are an excellent choice for all business types. Let’s take a look at cabinet signs and how they can benefit your business.

What are cabinet signs?

Cabinet signs are illuminated signs typically mounted on the exterior of a business. They are usually rectangular or square in shape and are made from aluminum or acrylic. Cabinet signs are illuminated using either LED or fluorescent lighting, which makes them highly visible, even in low light conditions. They are popular among businesses in a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, and healthcare.

What are the benefits of St. Louis box and cabinet signs?

  • Cabinet signs give your business an edge after sundown. When people pass by on foot or while driving, your illuminated cabinet sign is visible 24/7. You are building brand awareness and greatly increasing the likelihood of customers checking out what you have to offer.
  • Cabinet signs can utilize a large copy area with memorable graphics. The background of the box sign can provide illumination, and the font/type can be lighted or opaque. Quality cabinet signs from Dale Sign Service are stunning and durable and shine the right light on your business,
  • Cabinet signs are also an option when graphics or small font size preclude the use of channel letters impossible. Consider additional cabinet signs placed on different sides of your building for even greater visibility.
  • Cabinet signs are highly customizable. Choose the size, shape, and color of your sign to match your brand identity. Cabinet signs can be single or double face, which means they can be seen from both directions,

What about installation and maintenance of cabinet signs?

Dale Sign Service has your sign needs covered from start to finish. Not only do we design and manufacture incredible signs, we also install and maintain them. Cabinet signs are a cinch to install and last a very long time. We can repair your sign if necessary, and perform routine inspection and maintenance to keep it shining brightly.

Our customers rely on Dale Sign Service for quality sign solutions with comprehensive service. For over four decades, we’ve offered superior design expertise, knowledge of sign regulation, manufacturing, installation and sign maintenance. From conception to reality, Dale Sign Service makes cabinet signs and more that you will be proud to see daily. Contact Dale Sign Service at 314-966-2620 today.

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