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We always seem to be in a hurry. Fast food and fast delivery are woven into our everyday lives. That’s fine. Sometimes we need things fast, including signage. For example, your business permit was approved and you could be days away from opening the boutique you’ve always dreamed about. What if you forgot to order your signs? No worries. Dale Sign Service can expedite the process from complex sign permitting to design and production. How fast is Dale Sign Service? Let’s compare.

St. Louis Fast Sign CreationThe three-toed sloth live in tropical forests of Central and South America. He moves at a pace of one foot per minute. It would take him 88 hours to travel one mile.

Dale Sign Service is faster than that.

An oak tree will be a sapling for at least twenty years before it becomes mature and can produce acorns.

Dale Sign Service is faster than that.

It takes coal approximately 1-3.3 billion years to turn into a diamond naturally.

Dale Sign Service is faster than that.

Italian fine cheese Bitto Storico is an expensive aged product manufactured only with  rare Orobica goat’s milk. It takes up to 18 years to perfect this wheel of cheese.

Dale Sign Service is faster than that.

The tectonic plates that make up Earth’s crust can move as fast as four inches annually, though usually move at a much slower pace. It would take 500,000 years for a plate to move the distance between the Gateway Arch and Wentzville, Missouri city limits.

Dale Sign Service is faster than that.

Disposable diapers are convenient for parents, but not so much for the environment. It can take up to 450 years to decompose in a landfill.

Dale Sign Service is faster than that.

Now you know how fast Dale Sign Service works to get your sign from design to installation! Not everything happens the way we plan. When you need to meet a quick deadline for your signs, make a call to Dale Sign Service. If your sign was irreparably damaged or is missing, make a call to Dale Sign Service. We know that the right sign gets noticed, even signs that you need right away. Dale Sign Service has decades of experience and our satisfied customers keep coming back when they need new signs, repair, maintenance or installation. How fast can Dale Sign Service deliver a gorgeous quality sign? As fast as you can call (314) 966-2620 to start your next sign project.

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