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St. Louis Lobby Signs

St. Louis Lobby SignsCreate a Great First Impression with St. Louis lobby signs

First impressions matter. Your product or service might be the best of its kind, but that only matters if customers are willing to buy what you are selling. The lobby of your business can be more than an entrance. The right lobby signage can be a critical marketing tool that can help create a lasting first impression. It is an opportunity for your businesses to showcase its brand identity and communicate what you stand for. A well-crafted marketing plan that includes quality signage can foster trust, credibility, and confidence. It can differentiate you from your competition and enhance the overall customer experience. Keep reading to see how lobby signs from Dale Sign Service are vital for first impressions.

What can beautiful lobby signage from Dale Sign Service do for my business?

  • Beautiful signs create a welcoming atmosphere. Lobby signs show your visitors that you want to have the information they need. They can create a friendly and professional atmosphere that makes clients feel comfortable and confident in you business’ capability.
  • Beautiful signs communicate your brand message. Lobby signs communicate more than just your business name. They convey a message that captures your brand’s values, mission, and vision. Let stunning and durable lobby signs from Dale Sign Service tell clients what they can expect from your company and how you can meet their needs.
  • Beautiful signs enhance business credibility. Clients always feel more assured when dealing with a business that has a well-constructed image. It demonstrates that your business takes its image seriously and is committed to upholding its brand standards.
  • Beautiful signs improve the overall customer experience. Well-designed lobby signs complement the ambiance of your business premises. They enhances the customer experience by making the space more visually appealing. Customers are more likely to associate the overall experience with your business’s professionalism, credibility, and attention to detail.

What should I keep in mind when designing St. Louis lobby signs?

  • Font choice is critical. Don’t get stuck in thinking that cursive or fanciful typeset will get attention. Focus on simple yet striking font styles, and experiment with uppercase and lowercase letters to gauge what is appealing.
  • Readability is important. A common mistake is overloading signage with too much text and too many graphics. Make sure your customers know what to focus on. Step back, ask for opinions, and ensure your sign expresses specifically what you intend.
  • Colors and graphics play a part. An LED sign might grab attention, but make sure it is saying the right message about your business. As a rule, a light and dark color will create contrast and make a sign simpler to visualize. When using graphics, keep them simple and consistent with your outdoor signage and other marketing efforts. If it occurs to you that an element distracts from the reader, this is an indication it should be omitted from your final design.

Custom St. Louis lobby signs from Dale Sign Service create a lasting first impression that builds a foundation for lasting customer relationships. The knowledgeable and professional staff at Dale Sign Service guide you through creating memorable signage to get people in the door and keep them coming back. We create, install and repair all types of signage right here in St. Louis. Call Dale Sign Service, the sign experts at (314) 966-2620.


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