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St. Louis Sign Permits

Installing signs is not just a skill that requires talent. It also requires knowledge of permit requirements at the applicable local, county and state levels.

As professional St. Louis sign installers we know the steps and details involved in installing signs and the permitting process that invariably accompanies them.

A permit is very often required for installing a sign. Even when you think you are safe with replacing an existing sign with an identical sign without pulling a permit, permit requirements could have changed between the years the two signs were installed. If you install a sign or have a sign installed for you but fail to get the correct permit or permits, you could be fined, get your project delayed and potentially even be told your sign cannot be installed.

Instead of trying to navigate the permit process, save yourself the time and headache of trying to figure out if you need a permit, what permit you need, where and when you need to file a permit, how long the entire process takes, and hire professional sign installers. We pride ourselves on being professional sign installers who go beyond just fabricating signs and putting them up by knowing what you need to get through the permit process.

In some cases, the sign you would like to have installed is not allowed by a governing body. It is best to work with Dale Sign Service from the beginning of your sign project to ensure you are not spending time and money on something you aren’t even allowed to install.

Have Dale Sign Service do the heavy lifting – both literally and figuratively – on your next sign project so that you get the results you want without spending any extra money or time trying to figure out just what it is you need to get authorization for your sign to be installed.

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