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After your sign has been designed and created, the next step is installation. Installing signage requires many different steps and legal processes to ensure it is done correctly. A lot of our signage is hung in public areas with high foot traffic, so safety is always our top priority. Our experienced team has the proper equipment and always obtains the needed permits, to be able to hang sings efficiently and safely. We have worked on installing countless over-sized and electrical signage that can be very dangerous if not handled and installed correctly.


While this is part of the design review process, local St. Louis municipalities often have their own set of regulations in addition to St. Louis County requirements and bylaws when it comes to hanging, installing or replacing signage. These may require permits for sign types including:

  • Roof signs
  • Ground signs
  • Neighborhood signs
  • Pole Signs

After obtaining a building permit, approved by St. Louis County Department of Public Works, there is additional paperwork for each sign type that must be submitted as well. This paper works includes materials such as; original sign designs and sign measurements. Permits are important for maintaining safety precautions as well as complying with city laws and building ordinances. At Dale Signs we ensure to have all the proper permits and paperwork needed to install your signage.Proper sign installation in St. Louis

Proper Installation

It takes a high level of skill to install a sign safely and correctly. It also takes the proper equipment. Most signage is extremely heavy and some even require being hung on a building. To handle heavy signage we use different pieces of equipment. Our boom trucks are an essential part of our signage hanging. Boom trucks are a type of crane-like truck that allows us to move and place signage on buildings or tall poles. LED and Neon signs need to be replaced and installed by qualified workers. Our technical team is equipped to handle the required electrical wiring to ensure your signage looks and works great!


Outdoor signage has to be able to withstand all Mother Nature throws at it. Luckily, there are a lot of great materials and practices out there to help your signs stay intact.

  • Choosing the right materials – It comes at no surprise that some materials are better for unpredictable weather. Materials such as Aluminum, Dura-Wood, Vinyl and Dibond are great for outside signage. Outdoor signs are a great way to market your business, we’re here to make sure your signs stay in place!
  • Consider hanging your sign – Mounting your signage to a building can prevent a sign from falling over or being knocked down during harsh conditions. If installed properly, your sign will be mounted securely to the building.

When creating a new sign for your business, there are many steps to take and practicalities to consider. At Dale Signs, our experienced team is here to help you every step of the way!

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