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The Importance of Sign Maintenance

Once Dale Sign Service has manufactured and installed your new sign, it is important to consider regular maintenance to keep it looking great. Just like your car, the importance of sign maintenance is the same concept, prolonging your sign’s life with regular inspections and making certain that it still reflects the highest standards of your business.

Neglected signs can say bad things about your business. Customers might assume that if you don’t take care of your sign, then they might not be a priority either. It is imperative that you plan to keep your business signage functioning and looking great. Your current customers will know you are up for the challenge, and future customers will notice your business because your sign looks amazing.

The Importance of Sign MaintenanceHere are some tips to maintaining your sign:

Make general repairs. Every sign will need a general repair eventually. Is there a loose bolt? Is there an electrical issue? The knowledgeable technicians at Dale Sign Service can diagnose and fix any problem efficiently and affordably, so be sure to call us at the first sign that repair might be warranted.

Change burned out bulbs. Whether you have a backlit sign or neon letter sign, it doesn’t make a difference if the lights go out. If one of the letters in your business name goes out, it will be noticed, but not in the way you want. Call your trusted partner at Dale Sign Service to quickly replace the bulb (if you have signage that uses bulbs) and get your name in lights again!

Clean your sign. Inside or outside, your sign will get dirty. When possible, wipe down your sign to keep it spotless and bright. Powerwash an outdoor sign after the construction across the street has blown concrete dust all over your logo. Again, a dirty sign gives the wrong impression. A little cleaning goes a long way to making your company look great.

Refresh your design when necessary. Your sign might reflect your business twenty years ago, but keeping up with the latest trends is important to attract new customers. Call the creative experts at Dale Sign Service to update your brand with different colors or fonts, or change the type of sign entirely to catch the attention of passersby.

Signage is a smart and cost-effective investment for your business. Like most investments, however, they also require maintenance to keep it working for you. For sign maintenance, sign repair, or a brand new sign plan, call the St. Louis sign company experts at Dale Sign Service. We get to know your business needs and provide great sign solutions so your business is not only noticed, but remembered. Call Dale Sign Service, the sign experts at (314) 966-2620.

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