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The Importance of Signage When Rebranding

You’ve invested time and money into your business, and you are proud of the organization you’ve built. Have you ever taken a step back to look at your business from a customer’s perspective?

Your brand you thought was classic might have turned stale. Your brand may look too much like the rest of the industry. Perhaps your company has expanded, merged or no longer reflects your values. These are just some of the reasons you might want to rebrand your business, and signage is an integral part of the rebranding process.

The Importance of Signage in RebrandingWhat is a rebrand? It is a process of altering the way your organization and its products or services are perceived. As the world evolves, your company should also. Your goal may be to attract a new audience or streamline a fancy persona into a simple modern design. An updated logo requires changes your printed materials, website and business signage.

There are other benefits to rebranding, too. Rebranding can help you earn back customers who you may have lost in the past. They may be curious about the changes you have made. Your signage is the first way to prove that your company is truly new and improved. Creating a branded space for your employees can make a positive first impression for new recruits and facilitate a common theme your employees can get behind.

If you’ve updated your logo online, it is important to carry that message through to your physical locations. Don’t let updates create a disconnect between your online and real world presence. Continuity in your brand’s message is vital to successful marketing plan, and signs are an amazing tool to reinforce the message.

A rebrand is the perfect opportunity to update your signage to make a bold statement and cohesive look. Marketing experts say you have three to five seconds to catch the attention of potential customers with signage and branding. A great place to start with your rebrand is exterior building signage. Consider changing the sign’s size, type, color or font. From illuminated signs to sandblasted or routered signs, from monument sings to vinyl wraps, Dale Sign Service has many opportunities to highlight your business in the form of exterior signage.

In order to complement your exterior signage rebranding, don’t forget signage inside your business. Directional signs, sales announcements, menu boards or window graphics can be used to display your new logo and get your customers where they need to go. Remember, a cohesive look and consistent message combines to create a positive customer experience that promotes brand loyalty and may increase your customer base.

Work with a St Louis sign company that offers premium sign products and installation services. Cheap materials can reflect poorly on your brand. Dale Sign Service is ready to meet your signage needs from design to installation and maintenance. One stop shopping for you signage at Dale Sign Service saves time and money. Call us today to take the first step towards rebranding at (314) 966-2620.

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