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The Lifespan of LED Signs

The Lifespan of LED SignsLED signage is popular for many good reasons. They are eco-friendly, versatile, efficient, and durable. LED signs provide stunning and customizable messages get noticed. Business owners may wonder how long they will last, and if their investment in an LED sign will ultimately pay off. Dale Sign Service professionals are experts in LED signage. Let’s answer some of your questions about the lifespan of LED signs and what you can do to maximize their longevity.

What is the lifespan of an LED sign?

In general, the lifespan of LED signs is dependent on many factors, but ranges between 50,000 hours up to 100,000 hours. Using a well-maintained LED display 24/7 will consume an estimated lifetime of about 5-7 years. Using an LED display 12 hours daily can increase that lifespan to ten years or more.

What factors influence the lifespan of LED signs?

The temperature and environment can also play a significant role in the lifespan of LED signs. LED signs are designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, but exposure to extreme heat or cold can cause damage. Avoid placing your LED sign in direct sunlight or near sources of heat such as heaters or air conditioning units. If your sign will be placed outdoors, Dale Sign Service designs, manufactures, and installs LED signage with materials that survive environmental factors to keep your messages clear and bright.

High quality components are also a significant factor that influence the lifespan of LED signs. They are much less likely to degrade over time, which ultimately extends the life of the sign. Dale Sign Service is proud to use components that are UL-listed, meaning they have been evaluated for safety by Underwriters Laboratories, a global safety certification company. We fully understand the investment you are making in your business, and we invest just as much into providing incomparable service and sign solutions to your business.

LED sign usage and programming can also impact its overall lifespan. LED signs are designed to display text and graphics, but if they are programmed to display high levels of animation or video content, this can cause greater strain on the components. Be sure to program your LED sign according to the manufacturer’s specifications and avoid using it for extended periods of time without allowing it to cool down. Power surges and other electrical issues can quickly cause damage to LED signs. Be sure to protect your sign with a surge protector or other power conditioning device to prevent damage from power fluctuations or lightning strikes.

What is the best way to maximize the lifespan of an LED sign?

There are some practical ways to extend the life of your sign. One easy way to achieve this is by placing the signs away from direct sunlight and in an area that has reasonable humidity levels. You can also invest in a good indoor climate control system to ensure that your LED signs’ internal temperature is regulated. Additionally, ensure that your LED sign’s viewing distance is optimized by setting it at the right angle. This is crucial as it reduces glare and protects the LED modules. Maintaining good air quality, as well, reduces the risk of unwanted damage from environmental pollutants.

You should also contact Dale Sign Service for scheduled maintenance and repair of your LED sign. Schedule a routine check-up with our expert technicians who perform a thorough inspection and fix any technical issue that may arise. We can clean the modules and the display to remove any dirt, dust, or residue from the sign. There’s nothing we haven’t seen or repaired when it comes to signage, and we’re always learning more about how to serve our customers better.

Your investment in a stunning LED sign from Dale Sign Service will pay dividends with proper usage and maintenance. Professional installation and guidance provided by the Dale Sign Service team helps you make informed decisions and create an effective outdoor signage solution for your business. We offer expert sign manufacturing, delivery, maintenance and repair for LED signs and every type of sign. We’re the only name you need to know for signs that will draw the attention of every passerby. Dale Signs- find out why we are known as the sign experts and call (314) 966-2620 to get your sign project started.

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