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The UL Seal: What It Is and Why It Matters

Many everyday products are stamped with a seal of approval. They are meant to convey quality and show that minimum manufacturing guidelines are met. While some of these logos and seals are merely marketing tools, one of them reflects that the product was made with safety and reliability at the forefront. UL certified and UL listed products have met the highest specific industry standards in safety and quality.

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories. It is a century old third-party certification company that tests and validates products with the goal of elevating safety for consumers and workers. In addition to testing and certification, UL sets industry standards for new products. In 2020, over 14 billion products with the UL seal entered the marketplace.

To become UL listed, manufacturers undergo extensive examinations of their processes and products. UL conducts rigorous testing of the company’s products to verify they meet quality and safety standards. Manufacturing facilities are also assessed for workplace safety and quality. To maintain a UL listing or certification, manufacturers undergo scheduled reviews of facilities and products.

When an organization offers their time and resources to earn UL listing or certification, is reflects that organization’s commitment to providing the best to their customers. Dale Sign Service shares this commitment. Our electric signs must comply with the provisions in the National Electric Code and UL Standard for Electric Signs. Our quality signage exceeds safety standards for portable, stationary, and fixed signs with LED, neon, fluorescent, HID, electroluminescent, or incandescent illumination.

UL standards are comprehensive and exacting. For example, they may specify environmental suitability such as indoor or outdoor location, describe voltage and maximum amps for electric signs, or even dictate minimum thickness of tensioning systems in fabric sign installation. In essence, UL approval ensures the safety and longevity of your signs under normal wear and tear with everyday use. UL has earned a reputation of safety and its seal shows the inherent accountability of Dale Sign Service to provide you the best product possible.

If you had to choose between two products or services and one has a UL certification or listing, you would choose the one with the UL logo for peace of mind. At Dale Sign Service, quality, customizable signs are what we do. From design to installation, our expert staff will strive to earn your seal of approval. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality UL Listed signs and more at (314) 966-2620.

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