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Dale Sign Service has offered quality signage for over 40 years. We know there are other sign companies, and we appreciate your choice to use Dale Sign Service for all of your signage needs. Did you know that those other sign companies can use our sign company, too? We don’t disrespect our competition, we help them.

If you own a sign company, contact Dale Sign Service to provide you with amazing wholesale signs, especially if you end up in one of these predicaments:

  • Where did everybody go?  You come in after lunch to your sign shop on a sunny spring day. You are ready to finish the full plate of sign orders for the new restaurant down the block. You are the only one there. The sales team, fabricators, and installers are nowhere to be found. You call your manager and hear “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” playing in the background. “Where is everyone?” you ask. Your manager mumbles with his hotdog filled mouth that your entire staff is at the home opener for the St. Louis Cardinals! No worries. Let them root for the home team. Call Dale Sign Service to help you get those restaurant signs going.
  • Why is it so dark? After a big storm, you make it into your sign shop safely and just want to get the phones ringing and paint flying. Unfortunately, your staff is gathered at the counter with faces lit by the light of a candle and two flashlights. It seems as if last night’s storm has knocked out electricity to your shop, and it won’t be back on for a day or more. Then the bulb above your head goes on. You can call Dale Sign Service for assistance in filling those orders due ASAP.
  • How many signs did you need? You want your sign company to grow, and you are thrilled that you just got an order for lots and lots and lots of signs. You promise you’ll have them completed in not time, and then you find that you actually have no time left. Dale Sign Service is ready to make signs for your sign company to keep your new customer happy and your timeline on schedule.
  • Where do you need that sign to go?
    You are an East Coast sign company with a great view of the Atlantic from your window. One of your customers has just opened a location in St. Louis, Missouri and needs an outdoor sign manufactured and installed right away. Shipping channels are a nightmare, and you cannot possibly get a sign to the Midwest in time. Call Dale Sign Service to manufacture and install that sign for your customer. Our work is top notch.

When your sign company needs a sign company, you only have to make one call to Dale Sign. Whatever scenario results in your call to us, our expert staff can handle your wholesale sign and installation needs. Dale Sign Service is your one stop for new signage, installation or repair for your existing sign. Call us at (314) 966-2620 or stop by our office conveniently located at 13652 Manchester Road to talk about your sign project today.

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