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Why Illuminated Signs are Just Plain Awesome

You’ve invested so much in your business. It is time to let your light shine.

Really! The signage you choose for your business impacts your growth. You want to be noticed.

To get the best return for your investment, consider adding an illuminated sign to your marketing strategy. Dale Sign Service has your sign needs covered. Our illuminated signs are custom made to your creative ideas. Colors, fonts, materials, and logos can be combined to make your sign one of a kind. You can read all about illuminated sign types here. Why should you choose illuminated signs?

Why Illuminated Signs are Just Plain AwesomeThere are many benefits of illuminated signs. The first is increased visibility. When your sign is illuminated, potential customers can see it 24/7. Because it is attention getting, your marketing campaign enjoys more success, and your bottom line gets better. Illuminated signs are easier to see in inclement weather, so rain and fog can’t diminish the look of your sign.

Illuminated signs can also be used in many practical purposes inside your business. Highlighting your company logo, emergency exit signs and directional signage are all excellent examples of where illumination can enhance your brand both indoors and out. Illuminated signs can also help in the area of security. A consistently glowing professional sign can cause would-be burglars to think twice about entering your business. They might just think someone is still on site or that you have advanced security features in place.

When you use LED lighting for your St. Louis illuminated sign, you are choosing cost-effective and durable technology. LED bulbs do not use as much electricity as other lighting alternatives, and they have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. Less maintenance and less downtime are great reasons to get your illuminated signage today.

Your beautiful illuminated sign also relays the message of prestige and commitment to your customer. Potential clients will appreciate that you care enough about your business to display its name and logo prominently. Making a statement with illuminated signs differentiates your business from the competition. You can literally outshine them!

Dale Sign Service manufactures all types of signs including professional and gorgeous illuminated signs. We can assist you with bringing your sign ideas to life within your budget. For expert guidance with your illuminated sign- or any sign- project, contact Dale Sign Service today. You invest in your business, and we’ll invest in making your signage sparkle. After all, we’re the sign experts. Call (314) 966-2620 to shine a light on your business today.

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