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Why You Need Custom Magnetic Signs

In today’s economy, every dollar you invest in your business needs to count. Stretch your marketing budget with the use of custom magnetic signs. From a single person start-up to a large corporation, using a magnetic sign on a vehicle is like having a 24/7 billboard. Put one on your personal car, a delivery vehicle, or on your entire fleet.

Why You Need Custom Magnetic SignsHere are the top reasons you should consider custom magnetic signs as part of your advertising plan.

Custom magnetic signs make your marketing mobile. Car magnets grab the attention of passersby wherever you go. You will consistently each the local market because wherever you spend most of your driving time. This makes custom magnetic signs a great choice for real estate agents, local contractors, landscaping companies and other service providers. Are you a dog groomer? A magnetic sign can tout your pet prowess and tell the public how to contact you. Do you deliver flowers? That colorful magnet will catch the attention of the driver next to you who needs to send a birthday bouquet at the last minute. Whether you are going to an important meeting or the grocery store, your brand will be on display.

Custom magnetic signs are very cost effective. Compare the cost of a few magnetic signs to a radio spot or Google ad. Your investment in a magnetic sign for your car garner great returns. Your target audience is automatically reached wherever your vehicle goes. A potential customer might be thinking about hiring a lawn service when they pull up next to you at a stoplight. They’ll snap a quick pic of that magnetic sign on your car door and call you to get a quote. Customers are out there ready to use your product or service. All you have to do is park or drive!

Custom magnetic signs can be made to your specifications. Get creative! Shape and design are limited only by your imagination. Keep it simple with your company name and phone number, or design with full-color graphics and your logo. Magnetic signs can be square, circular, rectangular or cut to any unique shape that reflects your business. Customized sign magnets can be part of your overall plan to keep branding consistent across all forms of advertising.

Custom magnetic signs are easy to maintain and safe for your vehicle. Installation couldn’t be simpler- just stick and go. They can be easily removed and transferred to other vehicles or metal surfaces with no residue or damage to the surface. Even though they are easy to remove and reapply, your custom magnetic sign will hold strong on your vehicle. These signs are water resistant and withstand the unpredictable St. Louis weather.

Dale Sign Service is your local expert for durable and professional custom magnetic signs. Your signs are made right here in St. Louis. Contact our sign experts at (314) 966-2620 to discuss how your business can benefit from this awesome marketing tool. Custom magnetic signs for St. Louis add mileage to your marketing. Call today!

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