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Go Left at the Thing: Why You Need St. Louis Wayfinding Signs

We live in a ‘bigger is better’ society. Our cars can hold more people and more stuff. Our homes have more square footage. Our businesses have added stories onto the skyscrapers. It’s no wonder we are getting lost!

Someone might ask directions to a specific section of your retail store. If the answer they get is “Oh, sure, go left at the thing,” it is time to invest in wayfinding signage.

Wayfinding signs allow your customers and guests to navigate space with ease. Strategically placed and thoughtfully created signage guides people seamlessly through a physical environment that is otherwise unfamiliar or confusing. Directional signage impacts more than customer flow. It can also reinforce your brand and influence your client’s perception of your business. At Dale Sign Service, we’ve created business signage that gets you noticed. Now, learn more about wayfinding signage and how it helps customers once they’ve made it through your doors.

There are three main roles of directional signage:

  • Guide customers to a specific area. For example, it may be as simple as an arrow to direct traffic in a parking lot. It could be as intricate as color coded signs to direct your guests to many areas from a central point.
  • Identify specific areas. For example, these include signs for enter, exit, restroom, elevator, customer service and more. A clothing store might need a sign for fitting rooms. A museum might use a sign to guide you to a new exhibit.
  • Provide instructions. For example, once your customers arrive at their destination, wayfinding signs can assist in providing information. For that clothing store, a sign could detail the number of items allowed in the dressing room. In a museum it could let your guests know the wait time as they stand in line.

When planning your wayfinding signage, keep in mind both design and language. Directional signage isn’t intended to be flashy and stand out like your promotional signs from Dale Sign Service. Keep navigation simple and straightforward. It is also a good idea to avoid flowery language or excessive wordage. A sign that says “Our awesome technical service team can be found this way” should probably just be an arrow underneath the words “Help Desk.” Just remember that less is more when it comes to directional signs.

Good directional signage will complement and reinforce your brand. This can be accomplished with consistent coloring and font. Wayfinding signs don’t have to be boring. Consider high contrast with dark letters on a lighter background. You may want to consider illuminated signs for those especially important directions. Make sure your sign is legible with large enough lettering to see from a distance. Consider using simple symbols instead of text, as pictures will sometimes get your message across more quickly than text.

Once your wayfinding signs are in place, keep them up to date. When your floorplan changes, so should your signs. Your wayfinding signage should always reflect the right path to the right place and the right people. Also make sure your signage is maintained. Wear and tear can make signs illegible, so replace them as necessary.

Wayfinding signage provides vital information that aims to overcome challenges that keep your customers from fulfilling their purpose at your establishment. Where do you start? Let us direct you to the experts at Dale Sign Service. We offer you immediate and quality signage that will show your customers where to go. Indoor, outdoor, and through the door, Dale Sign Service delivers the utmost in quality with reasonable prices and service after the sale. Don’t get lost, go straight to Dale Sign Service for your signage solution. Call us today at (314) 966-2620.

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