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When the world screams for modern and flashy style, a vintage sign can provide a feeling of nostalgia and a refreshing contrast in a crowded landscape of signage. Those vintage drink and petroleum signs hanging in homes and businesses make us smile. The right vintage or classic sign design and materials can get your current and potential customers to smile, too. Here are three things to consider.Your St. Louis Vintage and Classic Sign Company

Make your vintage or classic sign stand out with the right lettering. Selecting the perfect font for your vintage sign is important. You have to strike a balance between evoking a certain sentiment and providing readability. For example, Sans Serif fonts provide a strong and clear image that effectively communicate information. However, their stark lines don’t reflect a traditional vibe. Conversely, the intricate design of some serif fonts will bring your potential customers back to a time when frills were appreciated. The expert sign professionals at Dale Sign Service are ready to show you all of the typeface possibilities to achieve just the look that will highlight your business sign.

Make your vintage or classic sign stand out with the right colors. If vintage is what you desire for your new sign, carefully consider what colors to use. Fluorescent or metallic colors are likely the wrong choice. Every color reflects a different response. Brown, for example, shows as traditional, natural, earthy and warm. Rich blues can reflect security, sincerity, and integrity. Dark greens can awaken a sense of renewal, health and success. Rely on Dale Sign Service to listen to your needs and help you decide what colors will work perfectly to get your message across.

Make your vintage or classic sign stand out with the right materials. There are dozens of materials used in sign making. From acrylic and aluminum to neon, vinyl and wood, there is a material just right for your vintage or classic sign. Your vintage sign can look aged while using state-of-the art materials that last a long time. Perhaps a gorgeous sandblasted wood sign would be great for your cowboy boot store. A backlit sign with traditional lettering could have customers clamoring to eat at your Italian restaurant that has been in the family generations.

When you want a beautiful classic or vintage sign, don’t settle for an online company and off the shelf signs. Contact the experienced staff of Dale Sign Service. We listen to your needs and assist you in every step of the sign design process. The result is a beautiful and durable sign guaranteed to grab the attention of passers-by. Dale Sign Service offers expertise and amazing customer service that help your business stand out. From a vintage door sign to a classic monument sign, choosing local at Dale Sign Service is the right choice for you. Start your project today by calling (314) 966-2620.

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