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Custom ADA Compliant Braille Signs

Dale SIGN Service can add braille to our St. Louis custom signs for indoor and outdoor ADA compliance.

As a business owner, serving all customers is a priority. Not only do you want to be compliant with applicable ADA laws, but you also want to welcome differently abled customers and clients. Dale SIGN Service knows just what you need to meet accessible design requirements. This includes signage for the visually impaired.

ADA signage requirements are specific. Signage must be located at a certain height, on the latch side of any single door, have non-glare finishes and high contrast between text and background and more.

Consider ADA signage with braille for

  • Restrooms
  • Entrances and exits, as well as emergency exits, including doors, stairs, and routes
  • Accessible parking spaces
  • Elevators and elevator car controls
  • Any directional or informational signage
  • Accessible checkout aisles
  • Any sign required to identify, direct to or inform about any accessible features such as TTY for the hearing impaired
  • Directional signage to indicate the nearest accessible facilities

You don’t have to know braille code to have your signs professionally created by Dale SIGN Service. We have all of the resources necessary. Providing tactile signage is more than about compliance with the law. It is a clear message that your organization cares about all of its current and potential customers.

Dale SIGN Service can even add braille to name plates, custom signs, menu boards and much more. Contact us today to talk about adding braille to your next St. Louis custom sign or adding ADA compliant signs to your location.

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