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Cut-Out Letter Signs

A sign is often the first thing your potential customers see. It creates the first impression people have of your business and reinforces that impression with each returning visit.

Cut-out lettering makes a bold statement just by playing off the visual interest of having a sign that physically stands out from its background. That could be from the stark contrast created by lettering that is a very different color and sometimes even a different material from the background color and material, but even similarly colored lettering and background can make for a wow factor that a flat, area-covering sign could not.

One of the great things about cut-out lettering is cut-out lettered signs are great for outside and inside use. This means you can carry that same impression from outside your business to inside, or wherever you use the signs at your St. Louis location. We can advise you on what materials work best for interior and exterior cut-out lettering signs. Another wonderful thing about cut-out lettering is there are a variety of lighting options available for the signs as well, both for indoor and outdoor signs.

Cut-out letter signs play on the uniqueness of where they are mounted. The mounting surface means you automatically have a background for your sign. If the surface of your background material is a visually appealing one, such as a brick wall or a wall of native, solid wood, for example, a cut-out lettered sign gives you the perfect opportunity to display your sign and taking advantage of the existing material in the background of the sign. Additionally, all the same cut-out lettered signs could be created from the same material and be attached to surfaces of different materials, which would give the feeling of consistency from sign to sign.

Your St. Louis cut-out letter sign(s) can be made from a wide range of materials, fonts and colors and can be designed to give the elegant, masterful impression you want to convey. Contact us to talk about which material would be best for your cut-out letter sign(s). As with all our projects, our creative services team’s members are happy to work with you to decide the best look for your cut-out letter sign, the best materials for it, and ways to light it.

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