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Decals & Magnetic Signs

For permanent and temporary applications, custom decals and magnetic signs are ideal for promoting your business on your fleet, service, or delivery vehicles.

Custom Vehicle Decals

Dale Signs also works regularly with municipalities and emergency services to add decals to first responder vehicles along with city and public works cars and trucks.  Design your decals or let us create your custom decal and apply it to anywhere from one vehicle to a fleet of cars and vans.

Magnetic Car Signs

Magnetic car signs are an easy and effective way to advertise. Here is how it worked for three local business owners.

  • Darryl is a crossing guard. He parks his white pick-up truck on the corner at 7:30am every school day and assures the safe delivery of students across a busy intersection. After the bell rings, he gets back in his white pick-up and heads for his first customer of the day. Darryl is also a junk hauler. A school parent saw a magnetic sign on the side of his truck advertising his low cost hauling services. Darryl’s business grew quickly after he added a simple magnetic sign to his car letting passersby know he hauls junk.
  • Brian is a contractor for the electric company. Midwest weather has him repairing lines and cables all over the St. Louis metropolitan region. Brian also owns a tree service company. He advertises his service with a magnetic sign on the back of his van. As he restores power to the neighborhood, residents take note of his magnetic sign and call him to handle the trees and branches that also came down in the last storm.
  • April was laid off from her job as a chef during the pandemic. She knew restaurant patrons would still want options, so she started her own meal delivery service. Whenever April went to the park to exercise or braved a trip to the grocery store, people noticed the magnetic sign on her car touting homemade meal delivery as an alternative to frozen pizza. April’s business is thriving.

Magnetic signs for your car are an immediate, affordable and practical use of your advertising dollars. First, they are portable. A magnetic sign can be placed on any vehicle. Move it from your car to your van. Move it from your driver’s door to the back of the car so your sign can be seen wherever you drive or park. That flexibility makes a lot of sense. You aren’t committing to a permanent painted ad on the side of your car.

Magnetic signs are also completely customizable. Design it with your eye-catching logo and phone number. Add a website or slogan. Your magnetic sign can be made in to any shape, size and color. If you own a fleet of vehicles, raise the continuity of your brand with a sign for each of them. Custom magnetic signs from Dale Sign Service are weather resistant and won’t fade or lose their professional look. These go-anywhere signs don’t damage your vehicle, either. Custom magnetic signs are a small investment in your business that pays off big.

Dale Sign Service is your local expert for durable and beautiful custom magnetic signs. Contact our sign experts at (314) 966-2620 to discuss how your business can benefit from custom magnetic signs. It worked for Darryl, Brian and April. Let Dale Sign Service make a sign that works for your business, too. Call today!

Low Tack Removable Decals

Sometimes vehicles won’t accept magnetic materials or clients may want to place advertisements on their glass. Dale Signs offers low tack removable decals for short term use such as one-day events etc. We also offer longer lasting decals that last for long term advertisement.

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