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Custom Real Estate and Construction Signs

Temporary construction signs can be just as powerful as permanent ones!

Temporary signs are just as much of a form of advertising as permanent signs.

Temporary signs of all sizes provide great exposure for real estate sales as well as for companies working on a job site or in construction areas. These signs leave lasting impressions on people who pass by and can attract more business.

In real estate, your yard sign is your calling card, and you want it to look sharp and be durable enough to use over and over again.

Signs outside construction sites are usually the only indication of who is working on the project, and what the project is. Leave the best impression on people that you can by having a classy, eye-grabbing sign. You want people to be excited for what’s to come and for what company is making it happen.

We have your perfect sign here at Dale Sign Service in St. Louis. We can work with you to design your sign using logos, artwork and text, and we can help you choose the material for the sign that best meets your needs based on criteria such as whether and how often you want to reuse the sign, where the sign will go, and how long the sign will be up. We can make signs out of almost any material, including plastic, wood, vinyl and aluminum, and we can advise you on the best material for your sign.

Then, for the most important part of the sign, we can make your sign or signs, and if you need them installed, we can install your sign(s) for you.

The following are a few examples of signage that we design, make and install:

  • Advertise real estate for sale
  • Coming Soon
  • For sale by owner
  • Construction entrance
  • Job site
  • Caution or warning
  • Hard Hat Area etc.

Contact us to talk more about your temporary signage needs. We look forward to helping you put your best foot forward while catching the eyes of interested parties.

Select a sign from a job site / construction / real estate below for ideas and to see past projects:

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