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Perforated window graphics

Take advantage of large spaces to promote your business or your message!

Maybe you want more than just a sign saying the name of your business. Maybe you want something less permanent, but that says more, with images, some text and a phone number. Or maybe you want something portable to take with you to conferences or presentations.

Dale Sign Service has everything you need to take advantage of the window or wall space outside or inside your business. We can create window graphics for you showing examples of your work, and these can be opaque, or they can be perforated to allow seeing in and out of the windows. In addition to images, we can create window lettering for your business for a more temporary purpose, such as to announce a seasonal sale.

We also can create graphics that adhere to other surfaces, such as concrete structures. This would be instead of painting, providing more flexibility of content as it could include an image. Another example of an outdoor surface where graphics are necessary are gas station pumps – all those are large graphics.

In addition to St. Louis window or structure graphics, Dale Sign Service can create indoor wall graphics that act like large swaths of wallpaper, depicting, for example, a historical scene which, unlike wallpaper, would not feature repeating images.

Another example of a large graphic that can be useful to adhere to a surface is sports logos to a gym floor. This type of graphic is one that would endure lots of foot traffic and not wear away like paint would. It also would be removable for resurfacing the gym floor.

We also can produce large graphics for standup displays, conference posters and acrylic displays. These displays are portable and durable, helping you promote your business or cause on the go. Even larger than conference posters are large wall and overlay banners., which we also can produce.

If you have a surface where a large graphic would be appropriate for branding or advertising, Dale Sign Service can make it. We can work with you to take your concept from the design stage all the way through to installation in the Greater St. Louis, MO area. Contact us to learn more about how you can transform your empty window or wall space into branding for your business and modernize your workspace.

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