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St Louis LED Signs

LED signs installed in St. Louis – amazing longevity, low energy consumption and gorgeous display.

New LED (light emitting diode) signs are exploding in popularity due to their low heat output and incredible visibility. Thanks to their small size, these diodes can be utilized in very artistic and sometimes small applications. LED Signs offer amazing longevity and many other great advantages. LED signs placed at the right location with the right content will improve business and your customer’s experience. LED signs can be used to digitally display information, provide directions, or advertise a business.

Dale Sign Service is an expert in the design and installation of St Louis LED signs. Just take a look at some of the St Louis area projects below to see examples of LED signage and LED channel letter signs. Your investment in an LED sign has a great ROI with bigger profits from increased traffic. LED signs can be placed anywhere from an elevator wall to a bus stop shelter or from above your entrance to on your roof.

Brand awareness improves tremendously with quality LED signs from Dale Sign Service. Options are endless when you use LEDs to create an illuminating glow, backlighting, and dazzling decorative elements. Mix the LED medium with other signage to create sophisticated and personalized signs. LED signs are durable and can last a decade or more.

If your location needs something to draw even more attention, combine our experience with signage and our programmable LED scrolling signs to make your message scroll, flash or animate using more than 4,000 colors!

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