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Channel Letter Signage & Neon Signs

Channel letter signs add a 3D look to flat surrounding surfaces!
Channel letter signs add a 3D look to flat surrounding surfaces!

Channel letter signage and neon signs are some of the most common types of signage and can be installed for interior or exterior applications. Call today for design ideas, pricing, and installation options!

Channel Letters

Signs made with channel letters are ones that protrude from the faces of building fronts, making them look three-dimensional. They provide a great amount of flexibility: they are made up of individual letters, numbers or images and can be tinted with special colors and be made using virtually any font or size. They also can be illuminated.

Channel letters made by Dale Sign Service have aluminum sides and backs and have high-grade acrylic faces. These acrylic faces can be tinted with special colors using translucent film. As with any sign project you have in mind, Dale Sign Service’s creative services department can help you take your vision for a sign through all the steps to make that sign a reality.

These signs can be lit internally so it looks like the light is coming directly from the letters, or they can be lit from the back, giving them a “halo” look when they are lit up. Whichever lighting option you choose, Dale Sign Service uses GOQ LED lights, which are considered the brightest and the best in the industry.

Mounting your channel-letter sign also can be accomplished several ways. If you want to put as few holes as possible in the building where your sign is going, you can choose the backer mount or the raceway mount. A backer mount is a piece of material to which the channel letters are attached. The power supply and wiring, if the sign is lit, can be inside the backer or behind the wall where the sign is being mounted. If you want your sign installed using a raceway mount, the letters are attached to a metal box that holds the power and wiring for your sign, if it is lit.

The third and final option for mounting your sign is using a direct mount or flush mount, which means each character of the sign is mounted directly onto the wall. This approach means the wall will have more holes in it, but the overall appearance of the sign will be cleaner.

As with all signs made by Dale Sign Service, your channel letter sign is built in-house and Dale Sign Service’s professionals can install the sign for you.

Call (314) 966-2620 to find out more about channel letter signs and whether one is right for your business.

St. Louis Custom Neon Signs

Custom Neon SignsGet the best of what our St. Louis LED signs have to offer when you combine them with our custom LED channel letter signs or, better yet, with our programmable scrolling LED signs. We build our signs, including custom neon signs, right here at our St. Louis, Missouri location. Neon signs are made by exciting electrodes within the glass which causes that iconic “glow” and our neon signs have more advanced components, color options, and longer lifetimes than the neon signs of the past.

Memorable. Eye-catching. Striking. These are the words you want to describe your custom neon signage. What about original? Fun? Even quirky? Neon signs aren’t just for advertising beer at the quick shop any more. These versatile neon signs can add a stunning yet professional glow to your business or a smirk worthy backdrop to your basement man cave. There are several reasons that a custom neon sign is just what you need.

  • Neon signs are highly visible. Neon signs have been around for ages, and that familiarity makes it the perfect choice for signage. Customers will naturally be attracted to the seamless color and bright façade. Catch their attention and get them inside with a quality neon sign from Dale Sign Service.
  • Neon signs are completely customizable. Choose your color, font, shape and size. Your ideas can literally come to light with neon. Don’t order a pre-made run of the mill sign online that could be seen in any store or window. Your brand and your business are unique. Your sign should be, too.
  • Neon signs are energy-efficient and long lasting. Neon signs are low on energy consumption, using only half of the electricity of many modern signs. Dale Sign Service not only builds quality custom neon signage, we will install and maintain it. Enjoy your neon sign for a dozen years or more with proper maintenance.
  • Neon signs are versatile for your business. Celebrate your business with a custom neon sign inside and out. Don’t leave your company logo on a one-dimensional surface. Bring it to life with a bold neon sign in your lobby or boardroom. Energize your employees with a motivational quote on the breakroom wall. If your business is open to the public, customize a neon sign that would make the perfect selfie background.
  • Neon signs are versatile for your life. Celebrate your home with a custom neon sign. How about a Movie Night sign right above your TV? Your teenager might love their name in lights to decorate their bedroom. Custom neon signs are also a one-of-a-kind gift for birthdays or weddings, sure to be remembered for years to come.

Now that we’ve convinced you that custom neon signs are the perfect fit for you, the only call you need to make is to Dale Sign Service. Expert design. Expert manufacturing. Expert installation. Expert maintenance. Dale Sign Service is ready to get you lit with a custom neon sign. Call (314) 966-2620 to get started.

LED Retrofitting

Already have an old and dim neon sign installed? Contact us to find out how we can retrofit your existing neon sign!

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