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Parking Lot Light and St Louis Flag Pole Service

Don’t let your parking lot go dark! Call Dale Signs to service your parking lot lights today!

Parking Lot Light Repair & Service

Our fleet of trucks are equipped with boom cranes to facilitate the servicing of your parking lot lights. If your lights require repair or simply new bulbs, call us and we’ll work quickly to get them back on. Keep your lot in top shape by providing ample lighting in the winter and at night, reassuring your customers and your employees.

St Louis Flag Pole Service & Repair

Considering the various weather conditions that flag poles are exposed to, most last a number of years but almost all flag poles require service or repair at one point or another. Contact Dale Sign Service if your flag pole requires repairs or servicing and take advantage of our boom-crane equipped trucks to fix your flag pole.

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You might pass by a dozen flagpoles on your daily commute. These poles displaying our proud American Flag and others blend into the American landscape. Of course, the American Flag is more than a piece of fabric. It symbolizes freedom resulting from the sacrifices of many brave Americans. The founding fathers chose its colors with purpose. Red symbolizes valor, white symbolizes innocence and blue represents vigilance and justice. There have been 27 versions of the American Flag, with the current version the only one that has lasted over 50 years. Five American Flags have even made it to the moon.

Considering their important cargo, a flagpole must be stately, proud and durable. They are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions including rain, wind, and ice. Over time, your flagpole will likely require service or repair to keep its flag waving high.

A flagpole has many parts. At the top is the finial. This is a decorative ornament mounted at the top of the flagpole and may be in the shape of an eagle or ball. The truck is the pulley assembly mounted at the top of the flagpole. These can be stationary or revolving, if you would like the flag to turn with the wind direction. The snaphook, or flag snap, is made of metal or vinyl with a spring close that attaches the flag to the halyard.

The halyard is the rope used to raise and lower the flag. These can be located inside the pole or externally The halyard channel is several feet long and protects the halyard from theft or vandalism.. The cleat holds the hoisted flag in place. The flagpole butt is its base end and is covered by the flash collar, giving it a clean finished look and protecting the foundation of the flag from the elements.

It’s generally a good idea to inspect your flagpole and its intricate parts at the time you replace your flag. This includes looking closely at all metal and plastic parts, as well as the rope mechanisms. When it is time for flagpole service for any of these parts, think twice before hauling out the trusty ladder.

The Dale Sign Service fleet of trucks is equipped with boom cranes to facilitate the servicing of your flagpole. We install, service and repair flagpoles of any height. Don’t risk your health trying to reach the top. Our experts have been doing this for decades, and we can repair your flagpole efficiently and correctly the first time. Whether you are looking to purchase a new flagpole for your business or need a repair to an existing one, Dale Sign Service should be your first call at (314) 966-2620.

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