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Interior Signs and Custom Plaques

Interior signage in lobbies, reception areas, entry areas, and in highly visible locations can help to establish your brand’s identity.

Looking for St. Louis interior signs?  Your search ends at Dale Sign Service!  Our team can design, build, and install your custom signage for conference rooms, hallways, entry areas, foyers, and more.

Office Lobby Signs

Your interior signage is the chance to show off any sort of detail you’d like, since this sign will be seen closer up than an exterior sign. Add your logo or other details to your sign, and the material of your sign can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum and acrylic.

As with all projects at Dale Sign Service, we can help you through the design process, then build and install your signage. Our engraving tools allow us to fabricate amazing name plates, plaques and signs that make a statement. Some places we have helped design, build and install signs include conference rooms, hallways, entry areas, and foyers. Anywhere you would like to communicate about the room or building is perfect for an interior sign.

Plaques are useful interior and exterior signs for commemorating a person, a location or an idea. Plaques typically are made from materials such as aluminum or bronze for an outdoor location, but can be made from a variety of materials for indoor locations.

Come work with Dale Sign Service to dedicate a special area to someone, such as a tree, garden, bench or the side of a building. Anywhere you want to call out specially and permanently the idea you have or the person you are memorializing, a plaque is a great way to do it.

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