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St Louis pole sign on the exterior of a buildingProfessional, Personalized, Perfectly Positioned St Louis Pole Signs
For parking lots, building walls, retail and commercial stores, warehouses and more!

Of all marketing opportunities for your organization, none is more important than your signage. One recent survey by the University of Cincinnati indicated 8 in 10 Americans enter a store or business they’ve never been to simply because a sign caught their attention. Quality is also important. Over half of respondents stay away from stores that have poor signage that is broken, dirty or has misspelled words. Investment in a first-rate pole sign from Dale Sign Service is a smart way to increase your customer base.

Exposure is essential to spur business growth, and pole signs can make your presence known. Pole signs are meant to draw attention. They aren’t attached to your entrance, so your quality pole sign can be set closer to drivers and pedestrian traffic. Picture your logo and business name set high above the surrounding buildings. It can be a sight to behold, and that is the purpose. The more people who see your pole sign, the more exposure your business gets.

You can customize a pole sign to reflect the personality of your company. We will help you make sure the sign is easy to read and understand at first glance. Your sign can be configured in many sizes with fonts and logos specific to your design. Pole signs can use digital technology, be one sided or double sided and use lighting for 24/7 exposure. Consistent branding of your logo and business name across all signs and printed materials is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.

St Louis pole signs are perfect for your boutique, restaurant, salon, medical office, school, church and all business sizes. Durable pole signs by Dale Sign Service are manufactured to last a long time. Your sign will weather the Midwest sun and storms with ease. Don’t forget that Dale Sign Service also offers excellent sign maintenance and repair.

You can also use a pole sign for multiple businesses. Pole signs are specifically designed to grab the attention of passing motorists and/or foot traffic. For this reason, pole signs are perfect multi-tenant shopping centers because the sign can be raised above obstructions like trees or a highway overpass. Pole signs are particularly helpful for businesses that sit back from the main road or have a parking lot in front of the building. Placed correctly, pole signs clearly mark the entrance to your business and make it easier for potential clients to find.

Remember that pole signs are an investment in the future of your organization. Costs can run from a few to several thousand dollars depending on heights, size, location and other customizations such as LED display. Meet with our experts to get a cost estimate for your perfect pole sign.

Dale Sign Service creates signs that provide a lasting first impression. We pride ourselves on customer service and guide you through creating memorable signage to get people in the door and coming back again. We create, install and repair all types of signage, including St Louis pole signs. Get to know Dale Sign Service and let us get to know you. Call Dale Sign Service, the sign experts at (314) 966-2620.

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