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Routered & Sandblasted Signs

Routered signs and sandblasted signs give your business a unique, elegant look.

Often using wood as the sign material, we can create a traditional or contemporary look for your sign like in the examples below. These signs reflect the quality and character of the locations in which they are installed and send a message of sophistication to residents, customers and the community.

Routered signs are made by carving out letters and logos in a v-shape or u-shape, then applying color to the various parts of the sign.

Sandblasted signs are made using a technique that is the opposite of routering. Sandblasting involves masking off the area that is not to be sandblasted, then sandblasting the remaining parts of the sign. Two types of sandblasting finishes can be applied. A wood grain finish gives a more traditional, wood-like look, while a pebble finish gives a smooth, refined finish. The parts of the sign that are left are raised. In the same way as with a routered sign, color can then be applied to the various parts of the sign.

Our St. Louis routered or sandblasted signs can be used in virtually any location. They look impressive at the entrances of subdivisions, in front of businesses, and on campuses.

As with any sign project, we are happy to work with you from any point in your sign project to take your concept through to creation. We also offer professional sign installation services to install your sign anywhere you need it. Your sign can be mounted on almost any kind of material as well.

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