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Custom Stencils

Custom St. Louis stencil signStencil signs and painted stencils are very simple and they get the point across!

Dale Signs can design and make your St Louis stencil signs. Use them on walls to quickly add warnings, welcome messages or even graphics. You can paint or spray paint stencils depending on your application and thanks to our in-house cutting technology, we can create stencil shapes to reflect almost any design or graphic.

For the times you want to apply a sign to a surface such as wood or concrete, a stencil might be the perfect solution. A stencil allows you to spray on or paint on a sign to a surface multiple times. For example, think of a shipping crate: every time you need to write “FRAGILE” on it you could apply the warning with a stencil. In another example, a painted stencil could be used to denote “NO PARKING” on a parking lot surface or a curb wherever you need it. Stencils are perfect for use in situations where it may not make sense to use a traditional sign or where building codes require it.

Use custom stencil signs for:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Boxes or shipping crates
  • Non-porous walls
  • Flat surfaces
  • Temporary signage
  • Handicapped space designations

Contact our showroom today for more information more about making your custom St. Louis stencil sign a reality or click on any stencil thumbnail for ideas and past projects:

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