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It is time to highlight your business at an upcoming trade show. Where else will you find an audience that has come to specifically learn about your industry? Don’t miss out on potential clients. The general rule of thumb is that you have 3 to 8 seconds to attract attention from passersby. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to shine with bright and memorable signage displays from Dale SIGN Service.

Dale Signs provides everything you need to grab attention to your booth including tent covers for indoor or outdoor shows, table covers, backdrops and more. If this is your first trade show experience or if you are looking to upgrade your display game, here are some sign ideas to consider.

Vinyl banners and backdrop signs. Your business name and logo should be front and center at the trade show. Use simple and bold fonts and clear images to attract an audience as part of a memorable visit experience. Our vinyl banners are high quality and durable so they can be used for multiple events and locations. We can customize the size and shape of your banner sign to accommodate any space.

Stand displays. Banner signs are extremely popular for trade show use. They are easily moved to a prominent position in front of your booth and are just about guaranteed to grab attention. In the trade show industry, retractable banner stands are perfect for showing off your business with a large graphic area. Retractable banners make it easy to protect, transport and store your banner for multiple uses and durability. These signs can be single or double sided to attract as much attention as possible. Available in custom sizes and colors, ask our sign experts about what retractable banner sign is right for your business including feather banshee banners that blow in the wind.

Table banners and signs. Dale Sign Service can make noteworthy table banners and signs that complement your other signage perfectly. Consider the surroundings of where your booth is located and how large your booth will be. If you have access to electricity, consider illuminated signs or an LED message board to attract attention. If you are in the middle of the showroom floor, make sure your signage does not create a traffic jam, unless it is because your signage is getting everyone’s attention. Your branding will never be more solid with consistent fonts, colors and logos with all of your trade show display signs from Dale Sign Service.

Your trade show signs need to achieve three important goals.

  • You want to be seen. Remember that you get only a few seconds to attract and hold the attention of trade show participants. Stop them in their tracks with clear and bold signage from Dale Sign Service.
  • You want to be recognized. Think about making your brand name and logo memorable. Stand out from the competition by featuring your name and graphic prominently across all of your signage.
  • You want to be understood. Let your sign reflect what you do or what you offer, not just your business name. Trade show signage needs to clearly and succinctly express what you offer and why an attendee should stop by your booth and learn more. Don’t overload your audience with too much information.

Let us show you why we are called the sign experts including awesome trade show displays. If you have an idea of what you want or if you need inspiration and help designing your display, the only call you need to make is to Dale Sign. No matter what your industry, we’ve got what you need to take your signage to the next level. Call us at 314-966-2620 to get started!

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