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St Louis Car Wraps and Lettering for Cars and Trucks

Dale Sign Service can design, print, and apply lettering and wraps to cars, trucks, vans, and trailers so your vehicles become rolling advertisements, reaching even wider audiences than traditional stationary advertising.

We also can help you add your own touch to your personal vehicle, whether it is to personalize your vehicle or show school affiliation, for example. Sometimes referred to as “custom stickers for cars,” car wraps and lettering are a great way to get the word out! See the pictures below for examples of wraps and/or lettering Dale Sign Services has applied to vehicles.

Truck Wrap

Why get a wrap or lettering?

The main difference between wraps and lettering is how much of the vehicle you want to cover and your budget. Wraps are meant to cover a portion of a vehicle, up to the entire vehicle, and usually include some kind of image. Lettering, on the other hand, usually is an application of individual letters over a certain surface area of a vehicle.

Both methods draw attention as you drive around or leave your vehicle parked somewhere – your vehicle becomes a moving sign, sometimes offering great visibility with even more impressions than traditional signage. Wraps and lettering also wind up being cheaper per impression than any other form of stationary advertising because you pay once for wraps and lettering, whereas most traditional advertising costs a certain amount on a regular basis over time.

In addition to advertising your business on your vehicles as they are driven around, wraps and lettering let your customers know who you are when you’re in the area so they don’t have to guess when an unmarked vehicle shows up at their place of work or at their residence. You give your customers peace of mind while also looking more professional for having the wrapping or lettering.

Design, printing, and application

Dale Sign Service offers design services for your custom wrap or lettering so that if you have an idea for a wrap or lettering, or if you don’t have ideas but know you want your vehicle to get more attention through this type of advertising, Dale Sign Service will work with you to come up with a design suitable for your vehicle and business. Dale Sign Service has years of experience in designing, printing and applying wraps and lettering to vehicles.

Wraps can be applied to windows on your vehicle, excluding the windshield, driver window and front passenger windows. Wraps over windows are perforated with holes that allow passengers to see out just as they would through tinted glass, and those outside the vehicle can see the wrap on the windows.

Once designed, Dale Sign Service can print your wrap or lettering, then apply it to your vehicle. Wraps and lettering are professionally applied to vehicles over factory paint jobs. Application can typically happen to a vehicle quickly, but timing depends on the size of the vehicle and the required preparation work to allow for the best application possible. Items to note, however, are that wraps and lettering do not adhere to rust spots, and if there are paint chips covered by the wrap or lettering, the paint could peel away upon removal of the wrap or lettering.

Questions and more information
For more information about getting a wrap or lettering applied to your car, truck, van or trailer, call Dale Sign Service at (314) 966-2620.

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